Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Getting to the Root of the Problem

First and foremost I am glad to be back in the land of blogging. I was only gone for five days and have realized how much I actually missed it and missed all of you. My husband and I went to visit my parents at the farm where I grew up. It was so great to see them. As we age some of us encounter health problems. It is very hard to see the changes in your parents. You also have to walk a very thin line as to not offend them, even though you are trying to help. My father is a very proud man and believes he can do everything, although he admits he might have to go a little slower. We all had a great visit and my mother cooked enough for 20 people, thus resulting in a few more added pounds to my already round little body. I do not have a willpower when I am there at all. After a day attempting to refrain, day 2 begins with a what the hell attitude and now trying every desert placed before you for inspection. I know others have said it, My Mom is the world's best cook!!!!!This morning I am sitting here drinking water, water, water. While I was home my dads siberian Husky went for a tour and was gone overnight. I thought it was going to be a very sad day. Luckily one of the neighbors called and my Dad went speeding(I am sure) to get his beloved friend. So Buster is spending some time on his chain. He looked so forlorn. Every spring he wonders even though he is fixed. Anyway it was good to go and last night it was great to be in my own bed. Now if they could just slow down a little, it might help some of their health issues....They don't know how to slow down, they have worked hard all thier lifes and they are happy! The picture is of a tree in their front yard. It was planted when I lived there. I spent some time taking pictures of a squirrel and flocks of Canadian geese flying overhead. I will show more in a few days. Glad to be back.


  1. Your visit sounds lovely! And eating mom's food is always good!! Have a great day!

  2. Welcome home Cinner. Glad you're home and glad that Buster is home where he belongs. Welcome, welcome home.

  3. Me again...I can't believe I have the nerve to tell a Canadian this, but what the hey, you and I are blog buddies...

    At any rate, I was once speaking with a guy who was an avid hunter...and I was going on and on about the Canadian geese that had flown over my house. This was years ago before we had so many local flocks as we do now...so to see them was a rare treat...

    At any rate, the hunter listened to me nodding with a big smile on his face. And, when I finished glowing he said, "Holly, those geese you saw, are not citizens of Canada. So, they aren't Canadian Geese. They're correctly called Canada Geese!"

    I never forgot that! So, I can call Cinner Canadian for she has her citizenship, but those geese you 'shot' with your camera? Not so much!


  4. Thanks Holly, that makes sense. Always glad to learn something new. The Canada Geese have outsmarted me. I did not get one good shot, other than black dots, I will post one anyway.LOL you must think some nerve of me calling them Canadian citizens. That would be a laugh at the voting booths. geese voting for a bunch of quacks. Sorry , bad pun. Take care

  5. hello cinner,you have nice blog

  6. See and I totally think of them as being "of our country" so Canadian Geese they are to me. Besides I love to claim ownership of unownable things. (and I like butchering the English language too..bet that surprised ya)

  7. to the wayman, thankyou for visiting, it is always exciting to get new visitors, thankyou for your kind words.

    to J.S., now that surprises me, butchering the english Language, I think not...not you!


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