Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sun and Light

My great Aunt left this to my Mother. She had had it hanging in her kitchen for at least 20 years. When I was at the farm, she told me she was going to get a new light and said if I wanted I could have it. I was delighted. Trust me when I say the picture does not do this chandelier justice at all. When the light hits the crystals it sparkles just beautifully. I am so pleased. So one day it will hang in my home....yeah.

well I was busy in my flower beds putzing today and I saw my first Robin. It was an amazing 18 degrees here and supposed to dip below zero tomorrow night....How can this be....

More tomorrow.


  1. Spring comes whether we believe in it or not! Glad you like the changes at my blog. This chandalier???? Fabu!!!!

  2. dear gawd...where on EARTH are you going to put THAT on your 7 foot ceilings!!

  3. Autumn here but much warmer than where you are.

    I like your future lights :-) my grandmother used to have a few of those in her hallway. I thought that they were magical when I was a small child. I understand your excitement.... though I wouldn't have anywhere to put something like that. I don't own my own home.

    best wishes Ribbon

  4. J.S, if there is a will, there is a way. Maybe we can get together for another 4 am 15 minute progect/////Maybe in my bedroom over the bed....i know this will really get you going.

  5. Hi Ribbon, Sometimes I wish I didnt either, mine was built in 1912 , the upkeep is horrendous. IF nothing else or no place for it, I may put all the crystals and hang them in a window. Best wishes!

  6. well...here's hoping Wain never sits up in bed. LOL

    As for the infamous "projects"...I live in the boonies now lady, all spare time in the "big city" will need to be spent buying stuff I can't get here. ROFL You'll need to rest up for an early morning IKEA run...down and dirty...first in first out. ;o)


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