Wednesday, April 22, 2009

To Know Me

My eyes follow you from side to side
Today they are green and serious.
Sometimes they are blue and wide.
The scarf was added to be mysterious.
I do not think it worked but at least I tried.
If truth be told the scarf was wore to hide an extra chin. I know it is silly of me to worry about being thin. When common sense kicks in, well hell. then I know I am fine. There is no self doubt...I am a most expensive wine.!
My first pic where the eyes seem to follow!
Have an awesome day! I am going to recycle the scarf. I don't need it anymore and my double chin is really quite precious! Believe, believe, believe.....


  1. insightful, insightful, insightful, and I understand, understand, understand!

  2. Very nice. I worry about looking thin as well! It is such a struggle that I deal with on a daily basis! Love your eyes, very pretty!!

  3. you can recycle that leopard print baby MY way ... although I think My Love, Ciera, will give me fight for it. And yes you DO look mysterious.

  4. to walking on sunshine, somedays I Worry about the weight due to my health situation so it just seems to go up, up, down, up....what a roller coaster ride. Have a great day and good luck with it.

    Toni gotta keep that leopard print for now, but your on the top of my list. Take Care.

    Holly, thanks for your understanding. It was much needed

  5. Great photo and words to match.
    Yes you do look mysterious behind the beautiful scarf and also look like you've been having a bit of fun :-)

    Great to see you Cinner. I've been busy with school holidays and glorious Autumn weather.

    best wishes Ribbon x

  6. Autumn sounds wonderful! we keeo trying for spring. We have had a plus 20 day and this week, today snow is covering the ground. I am needing a shoulder to cry on. Take Care.


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