Thursday, April 23, 2009

Picture Perfect?

One morning while I was at the farm, I heard the chatter of the squirrels in the trees. I jumped up to get my camera and this little fellow spotted me, I swear he was like lightning, scurrying amongst the trees, playing peek a boo. Finally this is the one good shot I got of him, I saw him a few times over the weekend. He reminded me of the little gopher in the movie Caddy Shack. I was in his way, all I wanted was a photo, he was on the hunt for food. Have you ever been scolded by a squirrel? Well I was that day. the nerve of him! It was as if I was being told to get off the property you tresspassing stranger you. Well I am not one to give up easily but I decided I had better things to do than chase a squirrel all day. So off I went searching for the perfect next picture. Myabe the dog, you can never go wrong with a picture of a dog, or maybe the cats. I did know there would be no more darn squirrels for me.


  1. Great squirrel shot. I've never had the pleasure of hanging out with a squirrel, but I've met lots of possums.

    best wishes Ribbon x

  2. PS the photo of the poppy is very beautiful. Is it from your garden?

    x Ribbon

  3. they are squirrely little things, those squirrels, ain't they? but those tails! and yes, I remember the sound of their scoldings from when I lived in Maryland -- I'd forgotten until you wrote that!

  4. Hi Ribbon, I don't think I would want to hang out with a possum, and yes the picture of the poppy is from my garden from last summer. I have blue, white,pink, red, I never know what will come up where, the birds and wind scatters the seeds so it is always a surprise!

  5. Hi Toni, love their tails, I think they balance with them, I don't know. LOL. Glad to remind you of when you were in Maryland. I have to tell you I loved the pictures you took of yourself. Great Job, Take Care.


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