Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Red Barn

When I visited my parents, it was 10 hours in our truck. I was overtired so to keep myself amused i was a clicking camera fanatic. I was playing with the modes and settings and voila....The Red Barn. It kind of reminds me of an oil painting. Being a farm girl I love barns, of course they have to be older and showing some wear. I think thats what gives it character. In our old barn which I have to say was quite something, especially to a child.. was a place to go and play jumping from bale to bale, finding kittens curled in a corner. I remember my Mom was milking the cow one morning and mmy older sister and I had found a snake...we were excited. we had it on an end of a stick to show mommy...My mother screamed, the cow kicked over the pail of milk, and then mom screamed again,but this time at her little hooligans still sporting the snake! We let the snake go and to this day I am scared of them. Another not so funny thing a cousin of mine and I did was go and sit at the top of the hay bales thinking that nobody would see us. We sat there and she lit up a smoke, along came my older sister and she blew her stack. You could burn down the barn, then I thought Blah, Blah, I know how serious it was. We told our Dad about it years later, He just shook his head. Another time we had a bull delivered when we were away and when we got home we had no barn door or bull. He was not too far away, just a little walk to the nearest pasture....I hated the bulls, They had rings in their nose and we had to lead them to water. Those bulls knew I was scared and what would they do, walk around and around in a Dad would come to help me, he would grab the leash and they would walk to water as if it were the easiest thing to do....I have many other memories, somehow the ones we seem to remember the most are the ones when we get in trouble. Many years that barn sheltered the cattle and pigs, it taught us responsibility, The barn was built by my great grandfather and the farm is now a fourth generation farm. The barn is long gone and so are the men who built it, I am sure they would have great stories to tell about the Beautiful Red Barn they had built. I wish I had some of the old barn wood, weathered and worn, but it is all gone, but the memories are there. That barn is the reason for my love of animals. P.S. Those animals I talk of loving do not include snakes.


  1. you are waxing quite rhapsodic tonight Cinner-relly. Makes me nostalgic for a childhood I never had. :o)

  2. Anything that requires a ring in its nose should be able to get to water by itself...I'm juz sayin!

  3. j.s, oh the memories, we could of had lots of fun although I would have probably copied everything you did. LOL

    holly that is how I felt as a kid. It had something to do with separating the bulls, I just remember how afraid I was. Some of them were huge especially if your only 4 feet high...not now, back then. Lol

  4. I'd love you now, even if you were only 4ft! lol


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