Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Please Mr. Sun

Why is it so cold?
Where oh where is Mr. Sun?
If I could be so bold,
Please arrive so we can have some fun!

You see I am so tired
When you are not around,
When your rays shine I am inspired,
It is like a new strenth in myself is found.

I am so much better,
When you show your face.
Without you I am like an English Setter,
Sad and forlorn in an empty space.

So Please, please Mr.Sun.
Please come my way today.
Please don't take a liesurely walk, run!
When you arrive, I hope and pray you will stay.
author, Cinner

iI have to say we have had the strangest weather, yesterday, sun ,rain, sleet, snow, sun,thunder and a little hail. So I am sure you understand why the weather needs to settle down. It has been such a long winter. I always feel better when the sun is shining, as I think most everyone does.
Unfortunately today I need a sleep, I have been only up an hour. I have Cataplexy with a variant of Narcolepsy. No sun does not help my condition...So I shall nap and hope for the sun. Have a great Day. Yaaawn! oh and again, Yaawn! sorry...goodnight!


  1. Mr. Sun has been working overtime here in PA. Way too hot here...in the 90's!! Hope the sun comes out by you so you can enjoy some soon!!

  2. Oh, darlin, come stay with me a while ... you'll be sun'd out, I think, after a week ... but not today, as it's overcast and threatening some bluster and spit. I love naps, by the way -- that's when I have some o'my BEST dreams, like flying.

  3. My prayers were answered, its 530 pm and the sun has just come out, but it is beautiful! I don't think I can handle the 90 degrees too long. That would be a little too hot...
    Toni, I have never dreamt about flying, falling yes but no flying. r u in an airplane or are you like Peter Pan?lol Take care, back soon.


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