Sunday, April 26, 2009

Four Feathers Not Three

The other day I had gone into my shed and found three feathers, see previous post. So I went back to make sure there was not a bird in the shed. I went to pick up the feathers and voila there were 4 instead of 3. Apparently in christianity feathers represented virtues. An image of 3 feathers were made into signet rings and were dipped in wax and used for stamping documents representing charity, hope and faith. This info was found on the net on a site about symbols. It also said that they represent the 4 directions and because they are from the sky, it represents spirituality. As I do not know how that crow got into the shed as the door has been closed over the winter due to the snow. I am taking it as a symbol of something. Comments were made on my post that it represents good medicine. That sounds great to me. Now to make me sound even crazier about 3 years ago a falcon sat on the corner of the shed for about 3 hours while I was in the yard. I sat at my table watching, wishing I had my camera, knowing that if I moved that it would fly away. And yet another story, when I was 19 I quit a job over a bird. It is the only job I ever was a telephone soliciting place and I hated it. I was walking down the stairs after my shift one evening, I stepped outside and a bird pooped on my head. If that is not a sign I don't know what is. I can roll on the floor laughing about it now as I think about it. I think signs are sent to us every day. It is all a matter of the individuals perception of the occurence and I choose to believe! Two more incidents with birds, we had ducks on the farm and we had a plastic swimming pool about 4 feet wide, the ducks got into it and ripped the bottom all apart....Was that a sign...yes to keep the ducks away! We never did get a new pool. Also we had found an owl with a broken wing. We took care of it and it sat on our shoulders. One day it flew away circling the farm as if it were watching. It came every so often and then one day was gone....No wonder I am a bird lover and a believer....


  1. Funny story about the bird pooping on you! And then quitting the job, I think I would have quit as well. Love the new header of your blog!!! Enjoy your day!

  2. Thanks Lois, have a great day too.

  3. Then it's good that you found the fourth feather. Good for you, much luck your way.


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