Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Special Place

This is a carving I did for my husband a couple of years ago for his birthday. It representing all our little trips to the mountains in our little pink hyundai, or should I say my little pink car...Now I have it parked in the back behind my house as I can no longer drive it because of my Cataplexy. The best part of our trips besides being together is the little white church behind the car. It is hard to see in this picture. I think it is the most romantic little church ever set on main street in the mountains. sunday morning you can hear the church bell ring echo to alert that church is about to begin. Y ou can watch all the tourists from all backgounds on their way, some holding hands, some laughing. The street is abuzz. I t is like a real holiday on Sunday mornings and always puts in a place a hundred years ago....all I really need is a big ole grizzly bear to coming walking down from the mountains. In reality the last time we went there, it was overrun with rabbits...they seemed as if they were everywhere. While I was doing some spring cleaning the carving made me stop and think of our trips to our little place. We don't get there much anymore...but for just a moment today I travelled. Have a great day.


  1. Sometimes, all we have are our little mental holidays...and that has to carry us through. I wish you many holidays...

  2. Wow, what a present, I bet he was thrilled. That little church sounds amazing.

  3. OHMYGAWD what an amazing keepsake ... your whole story there, tactile, visual, you can put your hands on it and run your fingers over the trails and special points ... wow. I think that's awesome!


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