Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dog Tired.

So what a week I have had already, it is only Wednesday and I feel just dog tired. I had a Doctors appointment for my Cataplexy and he changed some of my pills. I was thinking with my pills, vitamins, etc. that you must here me rattle when I walk. It is funny because when I feel really good , which is occasionally I ask the doctor can I go off some of these pills, He responds by taking off his glasses looking at me saying if you stop we are right back to square one and you will be falling continuously....Well alrighty then. So yeah I am a feeling overwhelmed with housework, yardwork, gardening, etc. I am still trying to do everything myself. Yesterday I read a post from Lois on Walking on Sunshine and thought hey thats me. It was all about having Age deficit disorder. For a good chuckle you should read it. That is exactly how I wonder I am so tired and never get anything done.....LOL. So right now I am off to la la land hoping I will feel rested when I get up! Oh and I meant to tell you, last night I go to water my plants. I had half a bottle of diet coke I was going to put in the fridge and the watering can in the other and I catch myself water my plants with the diet coke. Needless to say one of them looks a little peaked this morning. My husband had a good laugh with me over this one. As long as we have laughter we have everything! What more do we need?Okay, okay just a nap!Later.


  1. Ah, so Coke isn't good for everything! Thanks, I'll put that on my new list of learned factoids! Hugs...

  2. Very funny! Hope you were able to get enough rest and are feeling slightly less overwhelmed today! It happens here all the time!!! Enjoy your day!

  3. yeah...I never have as much energy as I used to have. that makes having to run errands today kinda not fun.

  4. I'm always astounded that I get tired even when all I've been doing is what I want to do, creating, etc. Really is true we need to replenish the well, be balanced. You cracked me up with the diet coke watering! I usually walk TO the fridge to get a diet coke to sip while I bathe and read, and end up with the bar of soap in the fridge somehow. eesh.

  5. Toni, that is too funny, don't slip on the soap.
    Char I hope you do okay with the errands, sometimes the energy shows up when you least expect it.
    Lois...My day turned out just fine and my plants are still living.
    Holly the plants are still living though so maybe it was a good thing...not sure.


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