Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day Everyone in Blogland.
I hope you all have an awesome weekend, I will
be away from the computer for a few days. I hope
you get a chance to be with your loved ones and are able to do something fun!
Take Care until next week!


  1. Cinner!
    I'll be away on a cruise all of next week, so away from all sorts of data since it costs so much to work on a computer out in the middle of the ocean. I hope, while I'm gone, you'll have a poke about in my older stuff so I can keep you amused while I'm gone. I'll be back up on the 18th. Enjoy your time away, my friend!

  2. Man a cruise sounds like heaven. You lucky girl you! Last thing you want to do is be on the computer. I hope you are taking your red camera...purple bathingsuit perhaps? I will read some of your older posts, else I will feel like I lost my right arm!Have an awesome time, I can't wait for all the stories for us when you get back.Have fun!

  3. Cinner nice to see a fellow canadian drop by my humble little blog. Thanks for the comment and your right my fave customer is the guy who walks up to the door and thinks what you got a life...i need to eat now.....hahhahh so funny. The service industry keeps the liquor stores in business...i swear to you.

    Take good care and see you again soon ok.


  4. Hey ............same to you and welcome to SWW.......enjoy and comment by all means on anything.


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