Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy,Happy, Joy, Joy

What a great day I had!. Other than my scheduled rests I was outside most of the day! Rests are 2 hours morning and afternoon. I hate having to rest but I guess if it means I can function better the rest of the day, well thats what I got to do!This polyvore that I did, mainly I love the color. How can one not feel happy when you look at colors like that. Anyway I am going back outside. It is really our first nice day all year. Take Care to all.


  1. So glad it has been a delightful day for you, Cinner!

  2. I'm glad you had a great day and now I would have a great day if I had that chest of drawers !!!

    have a great weekend !!!

  3. I know Beth, it would be awesome, I really like that table. Hugs, cinner

  4. WELLIES as a vase! now I really have a reason to buy a pair when I go to England! hee hee ... great collage, Cinner Babee, great great collage!


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