Sunday, May 3, 2009

Something In the Air

Lately I have had some strange occurences around my house and yard and in the neighborhood. There is a house accross the back alley from my home, and let me say some very suspiscious people have been lurking around. There has been alot of traffic coming and going, Now for 3 weekends in a row, the police are there maybe 3 times a day. My husband and I have spoke to them and yes they are on the radar bigtime. ....This is good because they eventually will be gone...So this am I woke at 7 and poured a coffee and went out to my veranda. I had my camera as I wanted to get some shots of the dogs. So picture this I am snapping pictures and from accross the street two guys on bicycles were glaring at me. I did not even know they were there at first, then my mind starting going in overtime....What would they do to me if they thought I was taking pictures of them? I thought only in my world and where is my husband when I need him....Sound asleep in bed unaware of any goings on! About 5 minutes later the police were back and hauled 2 people away. I think it is the only bad house in the neighborhoodIt was a crackhouse once before. It used to be only certain areas had them, but they can find them in any areas of the city. It makes me feel good that the police are watching them as much as they are.....U hope it is all over soon and we can get our neighborhood back, so we can sit out in our yards feeling safe. I think I may leave my camera in the house for a few days unless I want to live on the wildside. Not! Oh and look at my great protector, sunning on the bench....Keep up the good work....There might be a little sarcasm to note. Have a Great Day and Be Safe in Y our Neighborhood.


  1. Isn't is odd when we are walking around in our own little worlds as though we're safe in a bubble, and we brush up against the sharp reality that a great deal of the rest of the world doesn't live where it's peaceful. Or safe. Or happy. Or authentic. Or well. Or emotionally stable.

    We have those moments for our own continued development. But, as you pointed out so well...

    The dogs? Our pets? They don't have those problems. Their souls are pure. Sniff that morning air, puppy. Life in your world is wondeful!

  2. Love how the dog is protecting you but first he needs some sun. I would leave the camera in the house until I was sure everything was okay. But what an awful way to live! Hope the police get the problem taken care of soon for you!! I would miss your pictures of your garden!

  3. Not to worry, there will always be pictures of my garden. Sad that desparate times call for desperate measures. I will just be a little careful. You both would have laughed yesterday. It was like a scene out of a movie, me hiding behind my lattice work hoping they would go away. I did not expect someone out there at 730 in the am, and I guess neither did they. Take Care, Have a great day.

  4. Not something to take lightly, and I say this because we had a 'drop house' caddy-corner to us, crammed with over 80 illegal immigrants who were LOCKED IN ... and a son-of-a-bi**h guy lording it over them. We wondered what all the noises were coming from that house, why the windows were all barred AND padded or shaded or something, and these nasy snarling dogs ... those poor people, MAN! Finally the owner of the house got busted and we watched the police empty the house of people, loading them into INS trucks. So your suspicions (especially with all the police visitations) are accurate, I'm sure ... just please BE CAREFUL!

  5. Toni, don't worry I will be very carfeful. I have seen this before that's why I know what is going on....not 80 illegal immigrants locked in....Wow! Take Care....Don't worry about me...I will be in my house until my husband gets home. big hug!

  6. Be safe and live your life. Don't let the losers of the world make you a prisoner in your home. I know your on it and a smart girl! Blessings, my friend.

  7. It's awful to see ones neighorhood go down the drain so keep up the watching and they may just get tired of the nosey neighbor and go elsewhere! I'm sure your 'protector' would have jumped into action if the need arose. Thanks for stopping by and I've enjoyed reading about you,
    Blessings, Mandy

  8. Great photo Cinner... sorry to read that your security is being undermined.
    Take care and look after that precious dog...

    best wishes Ribbon

  9. Christina, i will be safe, if I don't bother them they won't bother me. Soon it should all be done with all the visits from our friendly policemen///Love a man in uniform....thanks for the visit.

    mandy you made me think of my grandpa, when he was alive he knew everything going on on his street....but yeah i would get tired of nosey neighbors...they will be gone long before me.thanks for the visit. come back anytime.

    ribbon It should all be over soon, hopefully. hope you had a great day my friend.


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