Sunday, June 14, 2009

Down the Road

My Dads Best Friend, Buster went everywhere with my Dad, they had a system all set Dad would drive the truck, beep the horn if the dog needed to turn, beep the horn twice if he needed to follow the truck, etc. While I was at the farm every morning I would go and check the cattle to see if any new calves had been born and always with me was the faithful friend, Buster. That was probably the most relaxing time for me. I got to drive the old truck on the farm as long as I was not too I felt like I had some of my independence back. Everyday was a new adventure. Buster always catches it a gopher or a mole etc. Of course he always wants to show you his prize....Just what I need first thing in the am. When I was brushing him I found some woodticks on him. They can get huge. Anyway although I had to leave buster at the farm. I know there is no place in the city for a dog like him. Hopefully he can stay on the farm. He would be a duck out of water any where else. I brushed him a few times and I swear it was like shearing a ship for my aussie friends....although I have never sheared a sheep. His hair was like mohair and every time I thought I was done, oh no more needed to be brushed. Anyway life goes on, buster continues on his daily excursions, I am back at my petworkd here and all is well. I am sure farther down the road we will find understanding as time goes on.


  1. Cinner:
    He is a beautiful canine! And, isn't it a miracle when you see how something that simple can love so much but see no other way than to continue on with life as it is given to them?

    A lesson for all of us Humans in our times of heaviest sorrow. I'm holding you close as each day brings something new in terms of your father's love for you.

  2. Holly you are simply a blessing. Yesterday was my first day at home, had lots of rest. Today I feel stronger...I know all is going to be okay. I am sure Dad would be saying now stop your blubbering or what you crying for? How are you feeling now, r u doing better?

  3. You've seen old Jake's picture on my site I bet and the dogs remind me of each other simply by your words on companionship and the brushing of never ending hair. Jake, like Buster, went everywhere with me since he was a pup. My old 4x4 had an aoogah horn which is how I trained him to come to the truck when we were finished hunting etc. he was both an asset in his fearlessness and a friend in his playfullness.

    What kind of feathers?
    Did your dad call you as his "good girl" since as far back as you can recall?
    You were the closest to him correct?
    His favorite?
    Was there something back down memory lane about a saddle?

  4. OH I MISS HAVING A DOG!!! They are so individual, so loving, so friendly, so rambunctious, the relationship with one is SO PERSONAL!!! Buster is gorgeous ... he just LOOKS like a soft inviting place for petting hands or putting your head down for a moment ...

  5. I sit right now surrounded by three cuties so I know what it is to love a pet. I hope he finds a great home soon.

  6. Spotted Wolf...Jake sounds just beautiful. an aooh horn I can just see it now.

    The feathers were crow feathers. My Dad and I were alot alike, I used to be the black sheep...before i got all grown up>>>LOL. The only thing I remember about a saddle is when my Mom went to ride a horse named Dolly and the saddle and her flew into the air. I don't think Mom every was on one again. As for being his favorite,,,no,,,three girls then a boy! I am a middle child....My Dad did special things like pay for an art course when I am sure he never had the money....but somehow,,,he always asks about it, used to ask about it. I wonder if the four feathers can somehow represent his children....i don't know maybe I am grasping at straws...or feathers. Take care Dennis, for now, cinner

  7. aww... bless his furry heart.

  8. Ok....this is what I'll say at this point. I am well known in certain quiet circles for my ability to channel. In other words, they come...I hear...I say what I hear. His mention of the saddle was to get your attention. Ask yourself why, Cinner, of all things possible, not knowing 'jack' about you except what you've mentioned on your blog in the last little while....why I would ask you of a saddle connection??

    He's loved you all your life for the simple fact that you are his child....but you are the one who troubled him the most ....because you reminded him of himself. In you he saw the dreamer in himself reflected and hoped it would come to full expression. It is the same for my mama and I..... though I never knew this until my Auntie told me about 9 years ago. It is your spiritedness which he loved. You are the one he had high hopes for and....I say that in reverence...for it is not meant to make you feel regret.

    The crow is a magic bird of mystery and power for it embodies creativity in the strongest of senses....the mystical. They are known to have the unique ability to outwit all other birds and mammals including times. They will eat anything. In west coast lore...Raven or crow, depending on tribe, is creator of the world.

    feathers are about flight...4 could be the indicators of ability in all directions.

    A locked shed in a dream can easily mean stored energy waiting to be used.

    You have stifled your own desires in life...somewhat...due to your feelings of "outsider". Your father knows this so he's asking me to tell you now.....possibly because you didn't 'hear' him the other times.

  9. Dennis, You have no idea how your words have just touched me. I believe in channeling and now I know a channeler named Dennis, spotted wolf. I just cried like a baby and maybe now I will find some closure that I need. I don't know how you knew but i have always had outsider issues. I will cherish every word you just wrote to me and I will remember your kindness at helping someone get through such a sad time. Your friend, Cinner

  10. You are most welcome sweet one....and your father is so very happy as well for you've finally realized how much he cares. he can hear you my dear..and stands with you now as ever. Sleep well tonight.

  11. I'm blown away by Spotted Word's comments here (& also to Holly) -- not blown away 'surprised' because I totally believe in visionaries (seers, or channelers, whatever name they choose for themselves) ... I would've cried, also, Cin ... beautiful messages for you.

  12. Hi sis, showed Mom your blog site today she thougth it was great. You also brought her to tears with this one about buster and we read some of the comments which also made her cry. We seem to be doing alot of that lately lol. talk soon,

  13. Toni, I just think he is amazing...he really brought me some peace.

    penquin, I am glad you showed Little Mom....I talk to her everyday. she says the nights are the worst for her. I am glad she is there with you...worried about her when she goes home...being alone for the firest time....but she needs that too. she knows we are all there for her whenever she needs us. love you, cin


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