Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fruit Trees In Bloom

When I was home at the farm, the fruit trees were in bloom, some of them anyway. Not only did they smell great, and they looked beautiful. My dad had apple, pincherry, saskatoons, currents, pin cherries, rasberries, strawberries, rhubarb...He would pick and pick and bring them to the house until Mom would finally say no more! We all have memories of us picking berries out in the wild. He was sure proud of his trees. He had others that I am now just unable to think of! People from our community would come and pick, he let people know when they had enough, that they were free to come and take whatever they could pick. I have memories from when I was really small to now, when dad and i would sit on our little benches picking together. He was always glad to have one of us with him....and we were thrilled to spend time with him, although he always said he was a cleaner picker....and you know he was!


  1. how amazing, to be able to nurture trees to maturity ... eesh, I HATE being a plant killing black thumbed no-gardening human!

  2. gorgeous tree!! I can remember plum trees growing up


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