Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's Like Riding A Bicycle!!!!!

So the other day when I was talking about starting an exercise regime...I know I joked about it. My husband read my post, laughed and that was the end of it. Not so!
I had explained that I had never had my own bicycle...I had learned how to ride a bike on the farm growing up, but it has to be 25 years since I was on a bicycle! So last night my husband went to play ball in the over 50s senior league, he came home we were outside having a nice talk before bed. I came into the house and there in my livingroom was, are you ready for this?....a hot pink mountain bike! I was so excited that I screamed, started to laugh and fell over due to my cataplexy....Once I settled down well I was like a little kid, outside I went, on my bike riding around my yard, just about running over my dogs and then I must have shifted gears and got going to fast, started laughing and down I went again right into the edge of my flowerbed. That was another Cataplexy spell, but I did not care! I felt alive, my husband and I were was so great to think of nothing else, and to think I joined the sisterhood of the purple bicycle yesterday too...please click on the pic on my sidebar for details.....So that was yesterday. I awoke this am to pains down the front of my legs and the back of my legs....Great no paain, no gain they say. Who came up with that I wonder....After lunch I took my bike Precious out for a short falls today as I had a good rest first! Tonight I am off to get a helmut so I can protect myself....just in case I fall again! I gotta go shine her up just like they do with their Harleys, okay so now I am in a fantasy...note to a harley sticker for precious, and a helmut!

I usually use my own pics, this was taken off a clipart site of different bikes, it did not say whom had taken the pic.


  1. I LOVE the bike's name!!!! Outstanding. Oh, Cinner, I hope this is the start of more fun than a Human Bein' can stand!


  2. Hey, Cinner!

    Congrats on your new ride! How awesome is your husband? So cool! So very cool!

    And, I've been meaning to mention: I saw on your Profile that you liked Eat Pray Love, and I am almost finished with it. It's just one of those books that I could have sat down and devoured, but I made myself walk away and absorb it! I love it!!

    Also, about the stickers: there is a site called Gypsy Rose, it is really hippie goods, but they have an awesome collection of the coolest stickers. Pretty much anything you could want! Worth a little visit!

  3. Hi NEVER can forget how to ride a bike~isn't that what they tell us?! Have fun with it~ xo~ Janet

  4. I have had dsuch fun so far....but I tell you my muscles if there in there are hurting units. lol.....Cam thankyou for the site called gypsy rose, i will have to check it out. I loved the book too. It is one you have to go back to, I did not find it a quick read, but it seems to keep yuo wanting more. Janet, 25 years not on a bike and it all came back to me, I just don't remember the sore muscles. LOL
    hOLLY, I hope to have more fun than a human can stand too. As for the name Precious, well it just reminds me of you. Take care all, until tomorrow.

  5. yay!!! I have a red one that I love

  6. really need to find some new names lady...isn't precious with the 4 whells gonna be jealous about precious with the 2?


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