Thursday, June 18, 2009

An Angel Among US.

Most of us know Toni from seaweed and Gardenias. If you have not been to her blog...please drop by for a wisit. She ia an amazing artist. I made this award for her as she definately deserves it....
Yesterday I recieved the most beautiful envelope sent first class in the mail. I knew it was Tonis work before I even opened the envelope. My sister in law has borrowed my camera to go to her sons grad or I would be showing you pictures of the envelope and the letter. So I opened the letter and held in my hand the most beautiful page with a face of a lady in the corner, words fragile handle with care, some greenand brown trees. On it also was the most beautiful writing. I know my Grandma would say what beautiful penmanship she has...the words of the letter were the best part of all. Here was a lady that I have known briefly and she took the time out of her day to offer her support and her shoulder to lean on if I needed her in any way at all to help me get through the loss of my father. She signed the letter, With great sorrow and affection, Toni....

I believe that there are angels among us that we sometimes come accross. She must be one. Toni I will cherish this letter more than I ever can express in words and more importantly I will cherish you, your heart and your kindness!


  1. Hello my beautiful friend. How are things in your world today sweetie? Thanks for dropping by and visiting me, you know I love to see are one person that I would love to meet, if you ever get to Australia, please make sure that you at least put Melbourne on your list, I am only an hours drive from there and would love the chance to get to meet you personally... Thanks for being you!!
    My love to you, huggs

  2. Kathie I would love to meet you too. If I ever get there darling you are first on the list, and then Ribbon....I think it would be fabulous. The same goes if you ever get to canada you have to let me know....i know I have no travel plans anytime soon. Things would change if I won the lottery....I am not holding my breath on that....oh,oh,oh....power of positive thinking....Until I will be by for visits in blogland. Take care my friend, Cinner

  3. C, My Woman, I've been trying to get to your blog since I opened your email 3 HOURS AGO!!! (work, pfft) and now I'm just so crying and HAPPY! thank you! I worried myself into a pickle that I 'should've' made a card instead of writing what I felt -- now I'm infinitely glad I just let my heart speak. Dang, eesh, blimey, I'm overwhelmed that you made an award just for me, that's incredible! Thank you, Cindy!

  4. Toni, always go with your heart. It is a keepsake that I will cherish forever my friend, cindy

  5. :) so sweet to have friends like that. beautiful


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