Thursday, June 18, 2009

Did You Like School

The other day my eleven year old nephew told me he Hated school. I was very surprised because he has always loved school. He has always excelled, so it seemed very unusual to me. I asked him why and he said, "The teacher always yells at the kids!" He then proceeded to tell me he was pretty sure that she was not qualified to be a teacher! First of all I was shocked that this had come out of an 11 year old boys mouth! Anyway I talked to my sister about it and she has said that he has not liked her all year. He only has until the end of June and then he will not have her again......I got to thinking how someones attitude can effect the outcome of a child, whether he continues to like or dislike school...because of one teacher....We explained to him that there are different teaching styles, and that maybe she was having a bad day....he is sticking to his me not having any do you think we should have handled this? Do you have a story, I would love to hear it. I always had great teachers except for one physed teacher whom insisted I jump the hurdles....My short legs are not designed to be jumping hurdles. In hindsight I now know he just wanted me to try....At 45 I have never ever jumped a hurdle....I suppose that is a failing grade! LOL...Kidlettes today,,,not qualified.


  1. Cinner... not long and he'll be free from her. Sounds like you guys handled it well.
    Most of us would have at least one teacher in our lives that we didn't enjoy.

    best wishes

  2. Cinner....Alas it can be very common to have a teacher you didn't enjoy as a child. My oldest really struggled last year in grade five. He had a teacher that seemed to focus on all of Kenton's nagative attributes and gave him no praise for the things he did do well. In the end though I got angry and had a meeting with the Principal and the Teacher telling them that Kenton didn't want to go to school anymore. The end result well for Kenton was to push through the school year with a teacher who for whatever reason didn't like him. He barely passed school to this year being an Honor student where he loves his teacher....makes a big difference I believe if a child has a good teacher or not. Next year will definately be a better year for your Nephew...NEW Teacher so don't worry :)


  3. Miss Mooney; 4th grade. Simply did not like me. No other reason than just because.

    Since then? I've had way more teachers that have made a serious difference in positive ways to the quality of my life and education.

    No one can like everyone. It's a shame, but he will move on and she will have taught him what he doesn't want to be as a Human Being.

    So, she has still taught him well...albeit not in the method and manner she might hope or expect.

  4. Crista your right a new teacher soon! That is exactly what my newphew has said that the teacher focuses on everything he does wrong....
    Holly your outlook is amazing...he will move on and she will have taught him what he doesn't want to be as a Human Being....So she still taught him well. So in 26 words you have made me think of it differently. Thanks
    Ribbon...if its only one then we made out pretty good. All of you have a great weekend.

  5. amazing that the teachers do not realize what impressions they make on lives...good and bad. I htink you gave him the best advice in thinking that maybe its not him (or other children) but her having a bad life.

  6. I thought about this post all weekend ... all my horrible teachers were, oddly, math teachers, consequently I DETEST math. But nothing or noone could turn me off to school! I loved it and still do ... I think about the teachers my sons have had, those good, those great, those horrific ... and those in my own life. The ones I actually remember are the great ones, so I think ultimately there's a balance to be had for bad teaching.

  7. I had a couple of "iffy" teachers but funnily enough the ones whose names I remember are the ones that were great.

  8. The ones I ended up liking the best were the strict one...not then but now...I think there was a balance....Our french teacher, I could just listen to him talk all day,,,it is such a beautiful language...too bad I don't remember more of it.


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