Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Swimming Anyone?

Now I have to make sure and say NO this is not in my yard. lol. I sure do wish it was though. This was taken also at the Bouchart Gardens in Victoria, B.C. I can just hear the water splashing in the distance, I love listening to the sound of running water outside....no not in a sink, or tub, but out in nature. The water seems to have a language all its own. If you listen real closely, it sounds like a symphony orchestra. I am a simple girl with simple dreams. With my illness I have taken the time to listen to running water, to sit in the rain, to watch a sunset or a sunrise, to smell the flowers...For awhile I was so upset because I was no longer the person I used to be, active, alive, outgoing, up for anything and suddenly I had limitations..Now I don't feel that way anymore, I go on living sometimes a little differently, I am challenging myself more again and learning that I am right where I am supposed to be...Now I know swimming is out of the question. If I saw myself in a bathing suit that would be enough to cause me to have a cataplexy spell, or I would fall under the water....My friend Neener says she will make sure she pulls me out in time. I think I will sit on a hill watching or have a picnic and a couple of bottles of wine ready for my blogland friends too. I picture Holly, Toni, Beth, Char, Ribbon, Christine,Cam, Kathie,brandi,janet all having a gabfest and laughing and just enjoying the day. One of us would have a great big hat for sun protection, another I think would have a teensy weeny yellow polka dot bikini, some would be toting that pomegranite lemonade, maybe Holly would haave captured Rachel Ray. bETH, Char, Cam could all take pictures, brandi could be our joy rebeller and Janet would probably be making things....I think it would a fab day. I know I have missed some friends...In my mind we are already there, just close your eyes and imagine...do you hear the water....I can, shhhh, I am listening.....


  1. Count me in my beautiful friend, only I assist you to swim so that you can not only hear that water, but feel its softness on your skin....so it caresses your body like the light touch of spring, can you close your eyes and imagine the water, cool and refreshing on your body? sssssshhh I'm watching my dear friend have the time of her life!!
    ((((((((Hugs & Love)))))))

  2. I'm all in, even if that twit, Rachel can't be located to make our grub...

    Water...yep, I'm all about it...and I have a pondless waterfall in the corner of our courtyard because there's nothing better than running water...the sound of it...watching it.

    Our bedroom window is located above it, so it's quite restful when the windows are open.

    Of course, hubby Michael says since we've put it in he has to get up to pee several times during the night and can't quite figure out why that might be.

    I ain't sayin' nuttin...

  3. Oh Kathie, what a good friend you are, that would be awesome...if only,,,maybe someday!

    Holly, too funny about Michael having too get up in the middle of the night. We can't hear our pond from the house...I guess that is maybe a good thing.....LOL. Have a great day my friend, Cinner

  4. what about me......can't a guy get a fair shake in Chikland??? Huh huh cani ?????

  5. water is a necessity for me ... any form, I am infamous for splashing in ALL fountains ... put on your dungarees, C-Woman, and roll 'em up, cuz you and me are going wading in that thar pond, cataplexy fit not required OR likely! And I hope it's not ME you're picturing in a polka dot bikini -- gah! I see Spotted Wolf wants in, but he has to promise to tell us more of his awesome visions, both before and AFTER we sip hard lemonade or other such libations! And he must swear he will NOT wear a Speedo.

  6. it would be such a beautiful day!!! :) so much fun and laughter. we all need fun and laughter.

  7. Toni, it was you in the bikini, better you than spotted wolf...spotted wolf you have to promise no speedos, but of course we want you there...that just goes without saying! Char can't you just see us all now, it would be fun....sure would beat housecleaning which I have just walked away fromm....


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