Thursday, June 25, 2009

What A Gong Show

A grand day to you all! I have to say that my day has been an absoloutely shit show! We leave the screen open in our bedroom for the cat to go in and out so she can wonder about freely. She always comes back and she usually just stays in our yard...Sometimes the neighbors on either side. They have both said that they don't mind at all...Well anyway this is the second time this has happened to us! It is about 4 am, we are both fast asleep when suddenly all fur, meowing and destruction occur. In came my cat through the screen first, followed by a big old mangy tomcat...whom I believed was going to kill my cat and then have both my husband and I for breakfast....just for fun or something....I sleep with a cpap machine for sleep now I have the hose around my neck, I am trying to get this off and my husband is just coming out of his sleep and he says to me"Hon what is happening?,U felt like telling him we were having a party....what is happening...oh great protector get up and help me get this beast of a cat out of the house...Meanwhile there was fur flying, the cats were literally in a ball, I had to get a broom to get them apart!....My bird started chirping as if to say 'What is happening" So now the cats are separated and now I am trying to get the beast out...He had to be 30 lbs of mean cat, okay at least 15.....I open the front door, no can't get him out! So I go through the kitchen to the back door to open it, and there in the kitchen is my husband putting on a pot of coffee....I was all over him like a fat kid on a smartie, What are you doing? Making coffee, we are up so I thought we might need a coffee....I open the back door, thank God the beast ran out!,and there in the kitchen was my cat laying peacefully curled up cleaning herself. My husband says to me, "Good job!", and poof down I go laughing. I must of had five cataplexy spells in a I would try to stand up, then down I go again....see if something strikes me as funny it causes this to happen....It is ridiculous but it is my part of life. So once I settled down, my husband poured a cup of java for me and says , Hon maybe we should close the screen at night! MAYBE?, ummmmmm how does for sure sound to you! So thats how my morning started. Usually it is a little quieter...We then went outside to sit for a bit before he went to work. Had my coffee, and now I have things to do. I hope you have a great day. Have you had a morning from hell? I would love to here about your day? Just don't make your story too funny. LOL. lord now I can't add a picture to my post. would'nt you just know it....I think I need a Do over day!


  1. brrreeeowww! Zoe says that sounds like a blast and when can she come visit? Then again, she's in heat and looking for some kitty action ...

    my morning wasn't shit at all but I could probably make something up if'n you'd rather? (grin)

  2. LOL the cat is meowing and I need to make the climb downstairs to feed him and to get the clothes out of the dryer. I just dread those steep stairs. Otherwise, the morning is quiet.

  3. Toni, I am keeping the screens closed...if you show up I will let you in.

    Char, I lived in a place that had steep stairs that I had to go down sideways...used to hate them.

  4. Hahahahaha oh uncle wain hes so relaxed about everything. i can picture this perfectly. (lmao)

  5. Your right chicadee,,,I wonder what he puts in his coffee...just kidding..getting excited to have you come and visit me..see you soon, Aunt cinner


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