Thursday, June 25, 2009

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Here is that cup of coffee we had this am. read the post below for story


  1. That jo making guy should hide is face! LOL That story of yours???? I'm still laughing!

  2. Nice cup! Men! When you really need their help they are off doing something else (making coffee). What every happened to our nights in shinning armor who comes and saves the day for their princess? You just got ta love um.

    Nice job taking care of the cats!

    I too have sleep apnea.

  3. Dorothy, I don't think that white night stuff exists...not in my lifetime. i love him to pieces How long have you had sleep apnea? my one sister has it. I also have Narcolepsy with a variant of severe cataplexy...take care and thanks for commenting. cinner

    As for you Holly I knew you would laugh, feel my pain big hug. cinner


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