Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Ball Game

SO it was a beautiful day and off to the ballpartk we went. The game started at 615, so we went for a leisurely drive first...My sister, her two boys, her friend Rod and I were in the truck and out of the youngster, Isaiahs mouth he says, Aunt Cindy, how old is Uncle Wain? I say he is 57 that he had just had a birthday....there was silence for a few moments and he said. At 57 arent you supposed to be getting ready for the retirement home? Well we of course all laughed and he thought it was really good that Uncle Wain could still play ball. I explained to him that some of the players were 80! So Isaiah was delighted he got to run and catch a few foul balls and he became Mr. Photographer although I had to send him back to take the pictures of the right guy...He said Oh I thought you were Uncle Wain.....we all had another good laugh. Anyway they lost the game but it did not matter as everyone all had fun. And of course what is a ballgame without icecream...So all was happy! Yesterday we went off to see Ice Age, dawn of the was cute, I was not too sure about the 3D as it kinda gave me a headache...might be due to my cataplexy. Then last night we had a barbecue and played some botchi ball. I watched as I was just too tired...The boys definately have lots of energy. Anyway was thinking of you all and wanted to get a hello in. Be Back soon.


  1. Glad to see the ol' slugger still has it in him! I'll join you both when the retirement home is the right venue for us! Look out world when we get there!!!

  2. sounds like the best time. I can remember when my mom was my age and I thought she was ancient

  3. Holly I am not going for awhile. Wain is 11 years older than me. we love our yard and pets too much and of course I think I am too young> LOL> but yes Look out world....I will have some tattoos that will take me years to remember what they actually looked at....sorry I am in a very strange mood tonight. I have the worst summer cold and have been left alone while the kids and wain went off to ball. lol. one day and I appreciate my alone time...Isaiah the eleven year old, keeps asking if I am sad,,,,I keep telling him no, I am just fine I have a cold...its cute...I guess he asked us so often when we were all together at the I told him with them around I am not the least bit sad....Take care and have a great july 4th weekend. Cinner

    Char, I always thought my Mom was young looking, but when one of my uncles turned 30, I was appalled...I thought that was old...ha, ha, to be that young is good, just need a little more limber in me step. have a great weekend too...our holiday was the 1st...Have fun, later, cinner


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