Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bassetts are Beautiful

A few years ago I got into painting rocks. This is my favorite. It sits in front of my house under a pine tree where nothing crows except for some lilies of the valley.My brother in law hauled this home from one of his excursions up to the Northwest Territories. I also got into painting rocks and bored of that quickly, so then I started to carve into some rocks. Where I would carve into them I would then paint black.They turned out really good. I will have to paint a picture to show you. But for now I have to tell you I love, love Basset Hounds. I have never owned one, our neighbor had one that he named Murphy. He used to sit over at the house and howl and man would it sound like a dismal day for the dog. He taught my dog to suddenly when my dog firgured I was neglecting him, he would howl until I would go outside..Anyway that is my dream for my next dog, but until then my rock with the two bassetts will just have to do. Have a great day!


  1. painted these ???
    amazing !!!

    {and nope..I'm not musical at all...but I love to dance and am pretty damn good at it...I think it was from all my cheerleading days}

  2. Wow, the drawing is sooo cute! You did a great job! I enjoyed your post. Our older dog also learned how to howl, he learned it from our neighbor's dog I think. But he had stopped the habit already. :)

  3. At least your rock dogs can't howl at you...!

  4. Great painting Cinner.
    Rock dogs are easier to care for :-)

    Hug for you

    xoxo Ribbon

  5. That is awesome! It is amazing what artwork you can find within others...Totally inspiring :)

  6. I really love your painting! It's great! I adore bassett hounds too, they are funny dogs!

  7. I've a friend who paints skulls with toothpicks for brushes. I've none of the attraction tho' I love the talent.

    I see you've acquired two "permanent" Cin you spell casting witch you...and they'll be breeding soon I'll venture to guess.....snicker, chortle, else will you be 'capturing' with that magic brush???? Hopefully not your old man..hahahahahahaha!!!!!!

    Suzanne's sister Charlene has a pair of them hounds and they are the goofiest dogs ever. Huge voices attached to midgets...;-)) I've long loved them as well, but, never owned one.

    Oh...BTW......all is fine and dandy honey.....the "lover's lament" is an old poem regarding my first ex-wife. I posted it just for the 'broken-hearted martyr' in all of us....and thanks is quite beautiful.

  8. Spottedwolf, I figured it must have been about your ex when I noticed 1997. You have quite the author in you..Now your friend painting with toothbrushes on skulls, I can appreciate the talent too but not on skulls...cause sometimes I can be a bit of a girly girl, can't even watch a horror movie. As for painting the old man I'D have to when he was deep watching some sports game...he probably would not notice...hahahah...but he would tell me who won the game....oh poor cinner. Take care my friend.

    Thankyou Clairedulune, Dreamwriter and Ribbon. I love to paint and Bassetts are so easy to paint. I am going to start doing more of it thanks for your encouragement..Have a great day.

    Holly, thank goodness I have been using muzzles on my two dogs, they are terrified of them...just because their barking had gotten I say muzzles and they quit barking instantly. The Jack russell just hates it...I am glad they have learnt because I was starting to have a hard time with it. Happy Birthday again my friend. I am having a much better day Holly, and feeling about 25 vs 10. lol. cinner

    Beth, know I knew you were a cheerleader and I also think you would make a great ballroom and that handsome husband of yours...I love to dance too, but usually pretty unsteady on my feet in the evening...My husband is a great dancer and he is the only one I ever felt really comfortable dancing with..Gotta love them. Take care, Cinner

    Thanks everyone for the comments and for all of you being you!


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