Friday, July 10, 2009

Who AM I?

I have really been doing some soul searching since my Dad passed away. I seem to take one step forward and two back...but I guess these things happen now. So rather than get down about things I am going to have a relaxing weekend with my husband. This polyvore reminds me that sometimes it takes awhile to get to another place. Have a great weekend and I will be back checking out your blogs on Monday.


  1. I'm sure that youwill get there sweetie! I lost my dad about 7 years ago so I am aware of what you are going through. When I saw the picture on this post I thought that you had taken up scrapbooking!!!! :)
    Love Kathie

  2. Kathie, I kinda have, I ended up doing a collage for the funeral of my Dad and then I started doing a book for I am getting there. I like the polyvore site because there is so much you can do with it. Just really horsing around with it. Take care, your friend, cinner

  3. I went through the same process. It's a difficult one, but it does get better. Enjoy your weekend and know we are thinking of you!

  4. Thanks Lois, I feel like I am on a roller coaster ride and just want to get have a strong faith so I am sure I will get through this. Have a good weekend. Take care, all the best to you and the Colonel.

  5. I hear you. I understand. I know. But, my knowing doesn't help you to know. That you'll have to do on your own time in your own way.

    Just know that we understand and are here in anyway you want us to be.

    Oh, and btw, I'm liking the new colors! Very nice. Summery. They remind me of boats on the water.

  6. Cinner Lovely post and I know how you feel. I have lost alot of dear people in my life. My Grandma who was without a doubt my best friend. To this day I catch my breath when I think of her wishing like mad that she was still here walking beside me! I hold my memories of her very close to my heart. Time is and will always be your friend Cinner. Trust me on that :)


  7. Holly, thanks I know your there, today I heard a whole bunch of the trees around the farm were taken down. The tree with the swings, the ones we climbed as little kids, the one my newphew ran over with the lawnmower, the one Dad tended so carefully to keep growing, the one my Grandma planted...the ones we all watched grow over the years...It has only been six weeks, I am feeling like just leave everything for right now. I don't know why some of the family are in such a rush and forgetting about what Dad wanted and liked...sad thing Holly I know this has nothing to do with the trees! I tell myself, your 45 this is part of life. Why do I feel like I am about 10 right now...Maybe I should be putting something in my morning coffee...I am kidding girlfriend! Thanks Holly, you have been a godsend for me! Yes I like the colors too, played with it a bit last night when I should have been sleeping. Have a good weekend!

    Crista, I am sorry about you losing your Grandma, I am doing the same thing with my Dad, wishing he were here...I am counting on time being my friend.
    At least making it easier...Some moments I feel totally okay, then others well I probably would have a part on One Flew Over the Cucoos Nest. Theres a picture for yah...Take Care and I hope your leg is okay for you to get outside this weekend. Cinner

  8. Cinner:
    When we loose a parent, no matter how old we are, our spirit cries and we become frightened. We become orphaned. That's why you feel like you're ten. And, you're right, it's not about the trees; it's about watching some of your past slip away and you begin to feel rootless and a bit transparent. But, I promise, it will change and you will begin to sense the rightness of who you are POST loss as opposed to who you were PRE loss. And pre/post, she is pretty dern wonderful!

  9. beautiful work - and you should take time to reflect and heal. We're around.

    I know this feeling way too well.

  10. much love to you beautiful Cinner.
    I wish so very much that I could be a little closer to comfort you.
    take care on this journey of grief.

    xx Ribbon

    ps... on another good are you at the polyvore stuff! your images are looking fantastic.

  11. I think you are right that this is part of the process-the whole two steps forward, one step back. I know it's frustrating. And I know it was prompted by a sad event as well. Sending vibes of comfort and clarity on the journey.

  12. Thankyou Brandi for your kind words.I will come through this. It is just a bump in rhe road!

    Ribbon, I wish you were closer too. How is the move going? I quite like the polyvore stuff. toni got me hooked on it... Have you tried it?Take care, of I have missed to respond to anyones comment it is an oversight on my part...Visit you all soon.


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