Thursday, July 9, 2009

True Colors

After my post from yesterday I got thinking about people that have come into my life, stayed awhile and are no longer in my life. For the longest of times I would think, gee Cinner what is wrong with you, why do people come and go. This is what I believe, Friendships just like may be fine but suddenly one seems to change and has gone in another direction. I find myself missing some of the friendships but I also have a better understanding of why. The first time I really noticed this was after my divorce. Our friends seemed to take sides so to speak, and though you could understand their uncomfortableness(is that a word)I found it easier to start my life over with my own friends. I felt I had to do that to get on with my life. I also found this happened to me when I suddenly became ill. Suddenly I was different, could not go out, had to stick to a schedule and in a way have become somewhat of a again your friends change. Gone are the ones you used to go out and party with, gone are some of the ones you used to work with..So I am not sure if it is lifes changes or if you grow apart, and if things can change so quickly how good of friends were they to begin with. I believe I am a good friend, trustworthy and loyal, always there when needed, so why do people come and go! I am truly blessed to have a few very close friends whom take me as I am, love me unconditionally. I think if you have a few really good friends in your life you are very lucky...Friends are hard to find, acquaintances are among all the people in my life, there just like the flowers are ones that stands out and are different. What are your views on this. I would love to hear from you! I hope you all have a great weekend, Enjoy your friends, but most of all enjoy yourself!


  1. I could write a whole page on the friendship topic...
    we have moved so many times and I have found a pattern with who stays and who goes, even after you've our experience only the ones that are happy for you when you succeed are the true friends :)

    it's pretty simple when I look back and then I wonder what took me so long....

    that's why here in blog land with blog loves....we are all such great friends as we cheer for each other through everything...we don't want to see anyone fail...instead we pump each other up with words and love and cyber hugs....

    and that's how real life friends....face to face friends should be....and not always does it happen that way...

    hugs to you !!

  2. I think a lot of it is that people get so wrapped up in their own lives that time passes before they realize. And then, they get so embarrassed to contact you that they just slip away. People that love unconditionally are very rare in my opinion - too often, people judge others on how they judge themselves and it begins a downward spiral. As for me, my thoughts are mostly live and let live, I really do not try to judge at all. The only time that I really avoid people are when they are so negative all the time or toxic.

    But I am very happy I found your blog - you are a positive influence out here in blog land.

  3. Cinner:

    I am one of those people, who for whatever reason, most of my pieces of past have evaporated. Even though, unlike Beth, I didn't move a lot, still, things that you think will always be there like, your schools, your neighborhood, old houses are permanent and will always be there...for me, most of that has been torn down or closed or changed.

    So, it's odd but I think of things as semi-permanent, although I try to stay true. My best friend has lived in Seattle for close to 30 years. I do not speak to her often, and I do not have a chance to visit very much, but still she and I refer to each other as best friends.

    If more people would commit to friendships with their hearts and not their heads, they'd realize the heart doesn't know time nor does it care.

    And, as Beth said, I think that's why people connect quickly in blogs because the distance between is so great, that it's only our hearts that can reach out and connect.

    But, most of the world sees only with their eyes. And, that's why things come and go...even relationships with people.


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