Friday, July 24, 2009


You might look at this and see a mixed up collage and wonder what was she thinking today. I am going to tell you how I see it as it relates to my followers and blog world that I choose to be a part of. I see Holly the queen of the Universe. She was one of the first ladies that I befriended. She has a wonderful heart, is very spiritual and has a great love for her Scottish Terriers. She has been a constant for me and has helped me through my fathers passing, sending me well wishes, a homemade card and encouragement. I see Toni, the great journal collage maker, beautiful letter writer, she sent me a letter that was waiting for me when I arrived back home, that I have framed with Hollys card, blown away at the kindness of new friends. I see Beth, the photographer, lover of life, a fighter,great wife, a giver.She sent me a beautiful photo, that is now and always will be one of my favorite treasures. It hangs on my living room wall and I am blessed to view it daily. I see her also as an inspiration in cancer awareness and the importance of spf. She is a giver and seems to always think about others.Apparently she is a dance lover, I think through her daily life she dances. I see Spotted Wolf, a great Shaman whom helped me through a very hard time. He told it like it was and made me realize the love between a father and his daughter. He is a wonderful soul.He is also very couragous to be amongst this group of ladies, but he gives us another way to look at things. I see Cam, the happy, smiling, lover of the beach, and family. I also feel her strength and know she cherishes life. I also see Char whom seems to face life headon and she is a great photographer. She has a love of life also, also a great yellow bag which I think she cherishes. She is looking for work and faces everything with an upbeat, positive attitude, How can you not just adore her. I see Lois, the Colonels wife. She is so imspiring and kind and good that everytime she stops by I feel blessed. I see Crista, a nature lover, who carries on through diversity. Never complaining and appreciating her surroundings and children to the fullest. I see Anne whom has just lost 35 pounds, who hoo, and she is a great inspiration for me. I see Christina whom appreciates the simple things. I feel as though she is one of Gods angels as she is so genuine, so kind. I see my Aussie buddies, Ribbon whom loves life and makes me smile every time I see her picture. You can just feel her energy ooze from it. Kathy whom is a great Scrapbooker, comes by for a visit to say hi and calls me her Canadian friend. They both make it very tempting to go visit. They are both so genuine. I am not sure about the Kangaroos though! I see Brandi, the joy just have to love her for that. I see Mel with the Sisterhood of the Purple Bicycle. I love her enthusiasm. I can not mention everyone. Some are not followers, some are Bloggers I visit everyday because I feel they have something to say. I am grateful and feel blessed to have you just for a moment of the day in my life. I feel we don't always say enough! I hope today you feel you have done and are enough. Many thanks!


  1. Cinner:
    No, thank you. Really. Thank you. One of the first things I noticed about your blog was that great picture of the blue & red doors together...and how simply you said now is the best time of your life.

    And, I thought...I want to be more like that...I want to love my life as I find it. I want to see what this woman sees...

    So, I am honored to have helped you because you have surely helped me at times. Even if you don't know it. I thank you for honoring me today. I feel I am in DIVA divine company and count Wolf as welcome to the hareem.

    However, you need to know...if not for you sweetness, we would never be counted as so lucky as we are. Here's to you, Cinner!

  2. Holly thankyou, I liked that picture too, but I accidentally deleted it. I am in the best time of my life and it is just a little fuller now. Diva divine company, you are definately in it. Remember your the one wearing the crown.Take care.

  3. and I see you blessed with being surrounded by all of us and all of us being blessed to have found you....

    this tribe of bloggers deserves a standing ovation...with you leading us !

  4. Beth I think I am more of a follower, besides I am much slower so it would be hard for me to keep up with the divas and wolf.

  5. oh sweetie..thank you. i'm so happy to have found you too. isn't our circle of friends beautiful?

  6. Char it really is quite somethingHave a great weekend.,

  7. You know, I was just speaking about you at dinner the other night. I leaned over to hubby and said, what if she doesn't like the movie I recommended?? lol
    I just want to thank you for always being so kind and thoughtful. Your sweet words you have placed here, had me teary from the beginning and then for me to read my name and such lovely thoughts from you...
    I still remember when I first saw your name on my blog, it was around the time, when I posted a photo of a Buddha statue, in the chicago art museum. I felt the sweetest and most beautiful connection to you.
    I simply adore you.
    Thank you, my friend.

  8. Christina, now you made me tear up! Your a treasure. Have a great weekend.

  9. Thank you. friend...

    I am so blessed to be counted as a friend by you! And thank you for your sweet words!!

    So much love to you!!

  10. marsee nishimish...pishshapmisko.
    thankyou little sister....see you soon.

  11. Cinner I see you ... a beautiful generous creative woman with a warm open heart to all things good.

    big love and thank you to you!

    xoxo Ribbon :)

  12. rrrrr. My comment wasn't posted-let's try that again! Sorry if it sows up twice.
    Thanks for the shout out! I love your post. We have a lot of the same tastes in music. We're like twins in a lot of ways.
    Great post from a sensitive, kind gentle Cinner- thanks!

  13. wow. I'm honored to be part of the amazing group that you see in your collage. It's beautiful and you see and celebrate beauty with this collage and post.


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