Thursday, July 23, 2009

Turn your day around.

There is always a bright side to any day. I had a beautiful day today, I was not feeling well when I awoke, but I remembered my post the other day and sat here smiling to know those fake smiles that make you crack up when you look in the mirror. I have one I do with a smile and then I have all my teeth sitting there like a big ole beaver ready to chomp on the first piece of lumber that goes by...okay not that bad. It also does not help that my vanity has a warped mirror. It is an antique that was given to me by a friend. I have always wanted to refinish, but it is one of the jobs on my list that I never get done. So after feeling a little goofy, I was feeling better some anyway, and then I had a friend pop by. The weather was 30 with a breeze. So we had our lunch sitting out on my deck. She was just thrilled with the yard and with the ornaments she had given me. We laughed and talked and she is going on a trip to Paris the end of August. Now she is originally from England but moved here 45 years ago. She has the most lovely accent, and every once in a while she will say something I just don't get! She has a different sense of humor than I. On Tuesday she turns 82, My problem is this I have no idea what to get her as she has been giving back gifts for awhile now. So I am racking my brain to see if I can come up with anything by Tuesday. . At the one pond in the yard today, there must have been 50 birds playing in the water, we both enjoyed watching them. We also treated ourselves to little miniature pecan tarts....oH they were good, So my day turned out pretty good. After she left I slept for about 3 hours, and had a pleasant evening with my husband. The Fair has been going on and at 11 we have listened to the fireworks and then fall fast asleep. I will see what tomorrow brings...The car races are in town so we will hear the buzzing of the engines from Fiday until Sunday. Tomorrow is support out troops day, so anyone reading, here in Canada we wear red on Fridays to show our support....I hope you all have a great weekend. Spend time with friends, family, loved ones and make some memories....or read a good book, sip Margaritas, oh just have fun.


  1. "a warped vanity" I love it!! my own vanity has been warped since my ma taught it to me..hahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!

    I still play the mirror game at times just to remind me of how silly and temporary life is...

  2. Take her to an old movie...or a dinner....give her a big fat kiss...take her to see live theatre, Yeah..that's the ticket!!

  3. Cinner!
    What a very nice day! That's just wonderful...and I happen to be wearing red today.

    I would say to your friend, you still have time, so how about getting her some 'mad money' in French currency so she has some to take along?

    And, how about that Wolf coming up with a couple of other great ways to make a grand Dame feel special!? Love to you...

  4. Hey Holly and wolf, thanks those are great ideas. I do like the mad money idea and the theatre, My husband is off for 3 days so we will have to decide. I will let you know what I figure out.


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