Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hot weather makes me Delirious

Today I could have easily sat at the top of this fountain of water, in a bikini, sipping a marguarita, thinking joyful day, yeah, yeah, yeah. Now first and foremost I am not a bikini kind a girl. I have friends and relatives that can vouch for that, just as I am not a dress kinda gal either. They do make 2 piece swinsuits for the ever so lovely plus size voluptuous woman....Still not buying it and I will tell you why...unless you are using ducktape?, nothing is going to stay in one place...but I would have a problem keeping my composure if one of my but cheeks fell out on the sand beside me....There has to be someone out there that can relate to me. And as you reach to retrieve it....yes the top has now separated from the bottom....oh yes, it is beautiful....this is where a piercing should go...yes the bellybutton...what were you thinking. goodness me. Here bellybutton, here bellybutton, where art thou,,,I know your hiding. Now if I did have a bathing suit on I would have a disquise...yes huge sun glasses, a great big hat and maybe I could pass as some crazed tourist, but I think I am just happy as a lark being me right now. That is the great thing of being 45!...So if your at a beach and you happen to spot me, well make sure you come on over, I will be the one with the cabanna boys, hey it's my story. LOL


  1. You are the funny one - very very good post! And the playlist...very inviting...

  2. that was funny :)

    I'm not a bikini girl either... never was and never will be, but I would love to play in that water on a hot day.

    best wishes always
    x Ribbon

  3. Bikini? I should pay that kind of money for no cloth and that sort of humiliation??? I think not! And, the butt check thing? Yeah, I hear you. When I find the unscrupulous female who attached her ass to mine when I wasn't looking? I'm so gonna wail on her when I find her.

    45 is a good start! Let me know when you hit 54 and tell me how you're doing! I'll be here listening!

  4. Holly, the unscrupulous female who attached her ass to mine when I wasn't looking...that my friend is priceless!

    Ribbon, I could play in the water with you, just not in a bikini!thanks for coming by. Take care.

    Anne, thanks for mentioning my took me hours to figure that one out and then when I thought about it again, about 3 minutes..go figure. Take care. Good luck with your day. I was going to ask, do you have a goal with the weightloss?Later

  5. well aren't YOU painting a perky little mental picture today!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA - braying donkey laughter here! I don't do bikinis either, never did after the age of 12. But I like to dive and do handstands and flips and no bikini was ever built to withstand in-the-pool (or ocean) gymnastics. by the way, you gonna share one (or three) of those cabana boys? The way I feel today, I could handle 'em all!!!

  6. Handstands and flip thats a mental picture too, how about bellyflops and faceplants...hahaha, and yes I would let you have a cabanna boy....or all threee. ha ha.

  7. Well Cinner in this post I have to agree with you. I have never been a large person, but all my life I have stood by the modesty way. MY BELLY BUTTON has never seen the light of day in the public eye...I'm just sad to say I'm not that comfortable in my own skin. Sad to admit but true...I find the pressures of expectations too high, not enough people like you for how you love, how kind you are, or what you can offer as a friend, or to your surroundings in this world....but sadly we are first judged by out outward apearances am I wrong I don't think so. Why would you ask? Simply because I see everyday and it saddens me really.

  8. Crista, unfortunately thats how the whole society is! It is sad for all people that looks are so important and that some can not see beyond that. That is why I am really careful whom I surround myself with. Maybe changes can be made by one person at a time, however there needs to be some changes with the that has always gotten me is that if someone is overweight, they have some inner problem...what if its a simple as I like food...and nothing beyond that....makes me go, creiky.! lol. Have fun in Whistler!


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