Saturday, July 4, 2009

Poppies, Trees and Dad

My first poppy of the year, very exciting! Dance,dance,dance....It does not take much to make this girl a happy one....I love the colors in the poppies and the variations. The picture turned out a little hazy but that is okay too. I am starting to see the beauty in the imperfections that surround me and the ones that are me. I want to devour life as it is put before me, lifes struggles are what makes us whom we are and through them whom we become. I don't think we are the same today as we were yesterday...not if there is a growth process that we can either embrace or disregard. Since the passing of my father I am struggling with the past, present, and future....Live in the now I know is the right thing to do...but why are there so many changes, why should I care if they will cut down a tree my Dad planted if life is supposed to go on....It's a tree but why do I feel like it is a part of my heart...Am I being too dramatic...I don't know, It's not about the tree, it's about planting the tree with him, watching it grow, as well as our lives,,,and now to be torn down, ahhh the damn trees! So what does this have to do with poppies, not a damn see someday, some thoughts don't even feel connected...I wonder how I get from here to there but you just keep doing, you keep planting, you keep your dreams alive, you accept that others have different ideas than you and you hold what is dear to your heart...Somewhere deep inside I know I just want my Dad, I struggle back a tear and head off to water my plants, to see the beauty and be reminded that all is well.


  1. It's just a tree....true. But, it represents part of your past...and as we get older and see parts of our past slippin away, well, it makes a bit nervous about the realization that we will not go on forever...

    But, the beauty in the realization is the awareness that each day has to be lived just as you described it. With the realization comes a love of life that was not there before.

    It is just a tree...but it is a tree from your life. And that makes it worth shedding a tear for...yes, indeed.

  2. I know the feeling - I'm sorry - holidays are very tough.

    but...this poppy is beautiful

  3. Holly, I think I am going to plant my own tree in memory of him. I dont know the name, but the ones that look like they fell over, they are meant to grow that way. do you know which will be the day my world sorta fell apart for awhile. I hope you had a great weekend.....thanks for always being so understanding. cinner

    Char, sorry to bring up bad feelings....holidays are tough and it is not even a holiday I wonder if i will find it tough for chinese new year, the poppies are beautiful,,,take care, cinner

  4. Cinner...I feel Char definately touched well on this post of yours I couldn't add onto that...I agree with her. I'm also pleased to see that you are working through your feelings and trying to find a solution for your Memories of your Dad. I think planting a new tree is a great idea.

  5. Nature as was a good day with the feelings. I think next weekend hubby and I are going to find the right tree...Slowly but sure I should be back to my jovial self. Thanks for stopping by. take care, cinner


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