Wednesday, July 8, 2009

They're Gone, They're Gone!

I am trying something different today, My newphew Isaiah left yesterday and he thought I should do a questionairre. So to honor him this is what we came up with....

Question A. As all he seems to do is eat, this was the number 1 priority question...
What is your favorite food?
Mine is vietnamese food!!!!yum. yum!, If you care to know his is Kraft Dinner. Surprise, Surprise.

Question B. What is your favorite game to play?
Mine is Chess, I remember playing with my Dad..He was much better than I. Isaiahs favorite game is Guitat Hero! He asked me to say He has mad skill at it!

Question C. Whom has influenced you the most in your life? I would say my father has influenced me the most as far as values and beliefs, however I am a huge fan of Maya d'angilo...spelling?, and Mother Theresa. Isaiah said, His Mom because she told him not to put his finger in a light socket when he was little so he feels this saved his life, I am heartbroken he did not say me! Just kidding...LOL.

If you feel like sharing that would be great. In the meantime I would like to say that my sister has always said that it takes a village to raise a child, and I am glad to play such an important role to both of my sisters children and will continue to even though they fight over who will do the dishes! Have a great day, Cinner


  1. Favorite Food?
    Honey I'm a fat girl...EVERY food has been a favorite at one point or another. LOL Although Vietnamese barbecued pork and rice vermicelli is high on the list.

    Favorite Game?
    NOT Guitar Hero... for something I thought would be such fun it was quite a humiliating disappointment. The WII Fit on the other excercise/game that I can really have fun with. Favorite game though...Catchphrase or Cranium...totally fun with company.

    Who has influenced me most in my life?
    My Mom taught me to be generous and hard working, My Dad taught me the power of creativity and imagination, my baby brother taught me that LOVE and FAMILY does not always mean agreeing but it DOES mean being there no matter what. My friends have taught me that there are times when NOT being in control does not mean that I am not safe and last but not least the Boogster has taught me patience and that the fact that exactly who I am at any given moment is absolutely perfectly least to my dog. ;oP

  2. Hi Cinner, how very lucky to have a close relationship with your nephew:-)~xo~

  3. dear sister, yes it takes a village and you have always been part of that village. I and my boys would have been lost without you all these years. I cannot thank you enough for having them for a week. Now you must get some rest. lol luv u talk soon

  4. I spend the say with my youngest is such a blessing to have family, isn't it?

  5. Char it really really is! I am glad you had a good day!

    Neener thanks for the comments, it was fun to read especially about whom has influenced you the most. where was my name. lol.

    Shabbyfufu, I am lucky to have a close relationship. It scares me with everything going on in the worry for their future...but I guess thaat is normal. Thanks for coming to visit me.'

    penquin, no problem....did they make it home, I told them to call and kels quickly they forget the wrath of their aunt. love ya


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