Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What ifs....

Here are some of my lilies that survived our big storm. I have to say my flowers are really looking a bit dreadful, they need some tender loving care. My sunflowers which usually don't bloom until September were beaten down from the wind, a couple have stood up again as if to say I am fighting, I am a survivor, ...you can't break me. I have an area where I let the wildflowers grow and I have to say they look just fantastic, although most are some forms of weeds I am sure, but I like them so I let them come every year. So really thank goodness for them. I was going to go and buy some flowers to put in, but I decided against it as the season is really too short now for me to be getting more. So I decided I can enjoy my yard without as many this year. Odd that in this less than perfect setting I can sit in peace and silence, other than the barking of the odd dog in our neighborhood. It is relaxing, it is my place, it is my hospital room, where I feel complete. When I was at the hospital when my father was in intensive care, before he was taken there, he was in a room with 3 other patients. I know it would have done them all good if there was a place we could have taken them to sit and be in better surroundings. They were all complaining because there was not even a window to open. I wonder where that saying came from, "Your like a breath of fresh air." Your smile, your attitude, your laugh, it is really too bad I did not know the power of these 20 years ago. There are definately things I would have done differently, would have I turned out the same, Perhaps! Do your best, be your best and live your best! That is where my heads at now and my heart is there too!


  1. a very good place to be - and I love the orangy bright and happy lillies

  2. That's a good feeling to feel at peace where you live. We all like a breath of fresh air. And you have beauty all around you besides the fresh air.

  3. I so agree. But, you knew that I would. Have a good night, Friend.


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