Saturday, August 15, 2009

Almost fall again!

Not to panic everybody. This is from last year. Look at all those fabulous colors. I love the different seasons of the year. Soon this will be among us again, Yesterday I had to turn my heat on in the house. It was a little chilsky I must say! Today the sun is already shining, my husband is off work. So we should have an enjoyable day! I have to find a birthday gift for a friend by tomorrow. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, it is not like I don't have enough time on my hands. I want to go and take some pictures today, I feel alive and energetic today. I love these days. They are so few and far between that I make the most of them! I can already here my husband Wain saying, "Now honey, you don't need to overdo it, you have to pace yourself or you will be down for the count for 3 days!" I will be thinking, come on, come on, let's go, time is a wasting, tick, tock,tick,tock. I don't care if I will be tired for 3 days, I want to live and feel alive today. He is the kindest man I have ever known and really has my best interests at heart, Let me tell you he really stepped up to the plate when I got sick, I was and am still a very independant woman. It kills me to have to ask for help with anything from anybody. I need to get over that! He says I am like a child that does not want to go to sleep, that I fight it every way! Imagine if you had to sleep every 3 hours, you would feel like you were missing out on living...but if thats all I have to do to keep going, shame on me for even complaining right. There are so many people out there so very, very ill. So if there is not a post tomorrow, you know I may be sleeping, but know I must of had a great Saturday! Take care my friends, and remember
Have a wonderful day! We are so truly blessed. Take it all in and live!


  1. Whoo hoo almost Fall..I can't wait!!! So glad you are feeling well today and can Let Fly a bit. What a joy to have an amazing guy!!!Bless the good ones - mine is doing all the laundry while I do my artwork today.
    Not shame on has to be frustrating - I am an independent gal too - I understand it!!
    Hang in there hon, Sarah

  2. did scare me for a minute !
    I love fall, but I'm not quite done with summer yet !

    and aren't we lucky to have hubbies that just love us as we are ?

    hugs to you !

  3. Cinner:
    For some reason Blogger was being a poop for me today and most of the regular blogs I follow didn't show up until later this evening. So, although you wrote this on a Saturday, at this point I'll wish you a happy Sunday!

  4. beth i am not done with summer yet, we sure are!i did not realize you were high school sweethearts till I saw your post today.

    Holly happy Sunday, I have a busy one tomorrow, I really got played out. SO i am off to bed soon.

  5. Thanks Sarah for becoming a follower and welcome. I love that your husband is doing laundry while you get to do your artwork. So, so lucky you. Have a great Sunday,

  6. I so hope you had a wonderful Saturday, you so deserve to have as much fun as you can. I am so glad you have such a wonderful husband who is there for you in every it! Take care and if you need to rest tomorrow, take all the rest you need....see you soon, and as always ......many hugs :-)

  7. Morning Cinner!!

    I'm sittin here have my first hot cup of coffee and I truely admired your post today. What a fabulous shot of those trees from last fall. Wow!!! Oh and I'm very pleased to read that you feel like you could take on the day full of energy and life. But your husband is a very smart man...although you feel you can leap over a small house...please do pace yourself..the set back results don't equal the good ones. :) I work in hospitals and I would hate for you to crash and have to be in one..



  8. beautiful thoughts about loving the changes in seasons. I do too, though I'm not a snow person - I welcome the cold of winter after a long hot summer down south.

    pace yourself dear - I don't want you feeling bad.

  9. This is so beautiful! Oh I am looking forward to the chilly weather again.
    : )


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