Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Eye Could Be Watching!

I Have My Eye on You! Today I wanted to mention some of my favorite blogs that I have had the pleasure of visiting lately...One of my favorites is Nature As Is http://natureasis.blogspot.com/ I am intriqued by the lovely photos of flowers, birds,mountains,lakes and this morning 3 pictures of a deer with her fawn that Crista photographed very close to her home. She also is an avid hiker and who knows maybe one day I will pass her on a mountain...I will be the one resting! So if you love nature that is the place to go!

Another blog I have visited is the labryinth Studio at http://walklabyrinth.blogspot.com/

Sorrow, Has a post on her blog that has literally left me thinking about it for 3 weeks now. If you love horses, this is the blog for you. She is truly an inspiration.

Please check out the list of blogs on my site. They are all very different and some are followers, some are not. If you have any of your favorites I would love to hear about them.

So on this lovely Wonderful Wednesday, I wish you all a great day and wish you all you wish yourself. Until next time.


  1. Flowers and birds and nature are all so uplifting, aren't they? I hope you have a wonderful day too. You are always wishing everyone else good things.

  2. I love a good recommendation - I will check them out.

  3. Wow Cinner!! I have just gotten home from work at the hospital and I'm more than pleasantly surpised. Thank you so much for your lovely, lovely compliment about my blog. I'm so touched that you like to come by and see what I've been up too...and I look forward to you passing me on the Mountain one day :) I love hiking with wonderful company!! Again thank you so much you made my whole day.

    Crista ~ AKA ~ Nature-as-is XO

  4. Hope you have had a great day & thank you for the recommended sites..will check them out soon!

  5. Crista, not a problem at all, You do such a fabulous job with it, it puts a smile on my face everyday. Take care my friend, I am glad I made your day.

    Margie, glad you dropped by for a visit, Have just a fabulous day and do check them out soon. Nature as Is is beautiful. The other one, doesnt have alot of posts, but a story in there you might find interesting, I read your comments about venturing out into blogland. I have not encountered any of that yet, so I guess I am lucky. Take care.

  6. I always look at the blog links of all my beloved blogging posse FIRST, when I want to find something new to read. Hey, where is Spotted Wolf? He's been very quiet. I just love his comments.

  7. He pops in every once in a while. I should go for a visit at his blog. Take care,


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