Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Terrific Day

Well it is going to be a terrific Tuesday, The sun is supposed to shine, I am awake early with a bit of energy today. When I awake with it, to me it is like a miracle. I have to pace myself as to not overdo it or I will be down and out for a few days if I don't. Today I am working on a project...mainly drawing so I will be sitting outside on my patio playing artist! As I am up early I will have a coffee with my husband before he goes to work today, so this will be nice. Usually he says goodbye when I am still sound asleep, half the time I don't remember our conversations until he reminds me in the evening. It will be our 10th year anniversary at the end of the month.
He is the kindest, loving and most caring man I have ever met. He has an awesome sense of humour. I believe you have to have humour in a relationship to make it work. He lives and breathes for sports! Tonight he plays ball again. If I am still feeling good I will go watch him, He loves having me come and see him. I have quite a bit of trouble making the distance to the diamond, but he holds my hand and we slowly make it, Once I am at the benches he gives me a kiss and off he goes, most of the men leave their wives at home. I think it is time away from each other! 7 years ago we coached ball together, I miss it, but I admit he still can run at almost sixty, and I swear his chest puffs up when he hits a home run. Anyway, sorry I got sidetracked, blindsided by the love I feel for him. Sometimes he drives me crazy too, don't ever doubt that...but you take the good with the bad! I never wanted perfect, as a matter of fact I don't believe in it, you can wish for it....but I think it would be pretty boring! So he will be at work and I will be drawing in the yard, maybe do a bit of weeding in the garden. It will be a peaceful, serene and beautiful day! It lays there awaiting me and I just have to go out my back door. I am truly blessed! I hope you all have a wonderful day!


  1. You are fab! And I love the not perfect bit...that's really the truth.

  2. Yes Holly, I know there isnt, nor do I expect it, or pretend to be it...Besides we all have our own view of perfect, but if there is love we take life as it is! big hug my friend, take care

  3. What lovely things to write about your hubby and it's fab that he loves you to go along to his sports with him ... Sounds like he's a keeper ;0)

  4. Hope you have a wonderful day!
    You are a lucky girl to have such a special husband as he is lucky to have such a special wife!
    Thanks for sharing...you made me smile :)


  5. Cinner I'm so happy to hear that you have awoke with such energy and vigor!! It put a smile on my face to hear that. Have a wonderful day!! and I hope you paint up a storm. :)

  6. Crista, your fawn put a smile on my face today,! i am going to do a post about your blog tomorrow I think. Take care.

    Margie, thankyou for stopping by. We are both lucky. I am glad I made you smile, and speaking of which, your profile pic, what a beautiful smile you have. Have a great day.

    Eternally distracted, yes he is a keeper, Have a great trip, I am so excited for you. Take care.

  7. what a beautiful tribute to the hubs. so sweet and loving

  8. 'Lucky' in love is so much drivel ... I mean, yes, it's a blessing to meet The One ... but to have the humor, the patience, the work ethic, the commitment, the humor, the interaction, the dialogue, the traditions, did I say the humor? to make it go go go? Endure? Not luck, nope. I can't tell you how I love reading posts by married women who are still hot for, drooling over, enjoying, playing and laughing with their husbands ... it just gives me such a renewed surge in my own heart, for my own Double BB ...


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