Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I look at this picture and once again it showst the beauty that is all around us, I think of all the water it must have taken to cut away at the rock and form those crevices. As a whole it is beautiful and when you look at each different piece, you can interpret different images. I see 4 faces and a mountain lions head. I asked my husband and he said he just sees rocks., Okay so maybe it is all in the eye of the beholder. Also I am reminded of how just like water, harsh words can cut away at ones soul and chip away at your emotions and well being. One of my very good friends stayed with me for the past two days. We had a wonderful visit. She told me about a mutual friend of ours whom is living with a very controlling man and I see the above picture as representation of her life. Slowly she has changed being a former part of the person she once was. I hope she can find her inner strength to find herself again. In the meantime I will walk my path and live my life as a strong woman whom has had a few wounds in my own soul, but as there is power all around us, so there is within us. Sometimes, for some of us, it takes a while to find it. I love you Beryl, stay strong!


  1. I see a headless woman, the profile of a child's body and some large animal where I can only make out the legs/feet and a huge body....

    I love's like looking at clouds to see what we can see....

    sometimes men just don't get it :)

  2. Hi CInner-

    Beautiful picture and excellent blend of the images to the life cycle and more specifically to your friends abusive relationship which has changed her-chipped away at her over the years. I see this so much in my work as a clinician in addiction services in the in-patient women's unit - they come to us mere fragments of their old selves - once whole and vibrant now so broken and dark. I too hope your friend finds the pieces of herself she let be taken from her.

    Love Gail

  3. This picture really reminds me of a place I love down home in NB.
    Hope your friend finds herself and becomes the woman she is meant to be. Like her we all must accept who we truly are, strong, kind, loving and independent women. I am glad I was born a girl, I love being a woman with all of it's ups and downs.......:-) Hug

  4. I see beautiful rocks, the curve of the beach and endless lush foliage.

  5. How very kind of you. How very, very kind.

  6. hi; just started following your blog (and your weight loss one as well); love the picture; must be awesome to see this in person and spend time walking along and exploring

    hoping your friend finds that inner strength she needs to heal and become the person she used to be


  7. I see animals, the third one in lighter color is like a buffalo. The next one is a face. The next one is an owl. The next one is a squirrel. See most are animals. It is great you are a caring friend and sending good will to your friend.

  8. Hello Cinner, I loved your picture. So sorry to hear about your friend, if she ever needs you help and sure there would be no better person for the job! hope you are well!

  9. I see a happy vacation!
    Life's a Beach!
    You are as good as gold, Cinner.

  10. Hello Cinner
    Such a beautful place & it acually reminds me very much of a lovely spot in Nova Scotia...I grew up there!

    I hope your friend wiil find her way again!
    I'm sure she's got a good friend in you to help her on her way!

    May you have a wonderful day!


  11. Beth I knew you would see it, I know if there were any sports figures he would see them immediately. lol take care.

    Gail, thankyou for the kind words, you must see alot, it would take a strong person to deal with these issues daily. I have donated clothes, etc to Victim Services as well as have dealt with some through the Gift of Sight program when I was still working. Take care my friend, they are lucky to have you, and in some way remind us of our own strength and hope they too can feel that one day.

    Bernie, if I am not mistaken it is from NB. My sister in law took some pictures from out there last summer when she was playing in a ball tournament. She took my camera and I get to live vicariously through her pictures.

    Char, spoken like a photographer! Take care my ftiend.

    Holly, big hug, I am proud of you saying yes!

    Betty, hello I am very excited to have you following on both blogs. I hope you will enjoy.I will have to post a pic of my one dog, I think he might be part Corgi, everyone always makes a comment. I got him from the SPCA, so nobody really knows for sure. The pic was taken by my sister in law last summer, I hope to one day see it. The post before it was from the same area. Take care.

    TechnoBabe, Wow someone more visual than me. Love it. Take care!

    Claire, sometimes one can feel so helpless, I just have to be there if and when she needs me.
    Big Hug.

    Anne, thats you a happy camper, that's why I love coming to visit your blog. Take care my friend.

  12. What a beautiful picture! I see a camel and some short little men with stumpy legs. I love it.

    Thank you for all your kind words on my blog this week. I've really appreciated your support. And it's all working out beautifully.

    Bright Blessings.

  13. Samantha, thanks for stopping by, I am glad it is all working out for you. Take care, be well.


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