Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy 10th Anniversary!

Ths is not a very clear picture as it is just a picture of a picture. I do not have access to a scanner.On Friday will be our 10th Anniversary! I can not believe how fast time flies. It was the best day of my entire life, My Dad and Mom walked me down the aisle, My husband Wain had his father be his best man. It was just an absolutely wonderful day. Wain told everyone how he had waited for 46 years to find the right woman and now he had found her! I was more in love than I had ever been. We had both worked in the same mall for approximately 5 years before we met in a little bar where there was Karaoke, I heard this man with a deep deep voice singing Hello Darlin, It was he. Later he heard me singing a bluesy version of Summertime or House of the rising sun and there he was listening with a smile on his face. And I guess the rest is history. I love him more than the day I married him, the strongest thing about our marriage is our ability to laugh with one another. The marriage sickness and in health...we never thought we would experience that so soon. He picks me up when I fall and helps me to face everyday knowing we will be okay because we have one another. I don't believe in fairy tales, so there is no happily ever after, kissy, kissy,,,,but there is love and respect for each other and kindness and caring, and I will now and always love him, my dearest Wain.


  1. OH, I'm not one to cry at weddings, but at anniversaries like this one? Oh, I cried big time. Congratulations to both of you. Ain't love grand?

  2. Happy (early) anniversary! love to read about people more in love than the day they married :)


  3. Thankyou Holly, He cried too! Big hug my friend.

    Betty, thankyou for your wishes. Take care for now and goodnight.

  4. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Cinner!!!! Your post is absolutely GREAT, you brought tears to my eyes! Thank you!

  5. Thankyou Monica, Big hug back, Take care,c

  6. Happy anniversary Cinner to you and your husband! What a lovely post to read! Thank you!

  7. Happy Anniversary, Cinner and Wain!! You two look so good together in the wedding picture. And you always talk about Wain with love and respect.

  8. Hi CInner-

    "Happy Anniversary", one day before ours!! Small world, huh? And I Love your sharing of how much you love and are loved. And I so love that you both sing - we are musicians here too - I truly enjoyed reading about all the beauty and hope and promise and love in your marriage - wonderful Cinner, and again,"Happy Anniversary".....

    Love Gail

  9. "Happy Anniversary" Cinner!
    Ten years together in just a few days...days full of all the best, respect, kindness & caring...that is wonderful!
    I wish you many more years together!

    Blessings always!


  10. Happiest of Anniversaries to you, Cinner!
    I'm glad you have such love in your life.

  11. ps
    I just went to itunes and bought a ton (tonne?) of songs you have on your player.

  12. again I say how joyfilled and puppy-like with excitement I become, reading posts like this where REAL WOMEN, in REAL RELATIONSHIPS, are continuing to be in love, to be delighted, to be happy with their spouses, in a way that incorporates and embraces all the REAL THINGS of life ... twists & turns, surprises, etc. I'm so in love with you both right now -- happy happy happy anniversary!!!!

  13. A wonderful tribute to your marriage...Happy Anniversary and may you enjoy many more happy years together......:-) Hugs

  14. Hi Bernie, Thankyou, I sure do hope so, Have a great day.

    Toni, Thankyou so much, you are a sweetheart my friend. Big Hug take care.

    Anne, Thanks and I am so glad you like the music from my Player. tonnes or tons?

    Margie, Thankyou so much for your kind words.Big Hug.

    Gail, thankyou so much, another similaritie, music! Happy anniversary to you and your husband my dear. Big hug.

    TechnoBabe, Thankyou, it is my favorite picture of us. take care

    Claire, thankyou for your kind words. take care

  15. Happy Anniversary, Cinner & Wain...

    May each year be better than the last!

    A love like that is such a good thing to find!

  16. Thankyou for your kind words Cam, We are very lucky. Take care.

  17. congratulations - hope you have many more beautiful years together

  18. the happiest of anniversaries to you both !


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