Thursday, August 27, 2009

What Shall We Do?

We had such a bright cheery day here yesterday, I still have a reminder of summer in my yard, slowly, slowly dropping leaf by leaf and petal by petal to the ground. Soon we will have the brillance that fall will bring. It has already changed the Virginia Creepers to a lovely apple red, and soon they too shall fall. But for now it is still summer and we are supposed to have a beautiful weekend. Hopefully we can get out for a walk and do some sightseeing. I have been feeling a little housebound the last few days as I overdid it when my friend was here for her visit at the beginning of the week. Today I sat out in my yard in my pyjamas and drank coffee and did some scrapbooking. I think I must have fallen asleep as the day seemed to just slip away from me. I took it easy so I can do something tomorrow night for my anniversary. He is not giving any clues, but he has been out shopping every night this week. I keep telling him don't do anything or buy anything, because we really can't afford it...but he always surprises me with the perfect gift. For our 7th year anniversary he bought me a backscratcher that had a silver medal put on it and said that we had made the 7 year itch. Thats how his mind works! I better figure out what I am going to do....nothing like waiting until the last moment. So I will let you know what happens, I hope it is just a simple quiet evening, but you just never know!


  1. Okay, I'm able to comment now...I think I was being bumped out before. I commented on your other blog but I just wanted to remind you of the memory you made on your wedding day and want you to make more beautiful memories on your anniversary......Happy Happy Anniversay my friend.......:-) Hugs

  2. Oh Cinner, i am all excited for you! I cant wait to see what hubby is up to! Have a wonderful time and take it easy!

  3. I love the seven year gift! Fun!!

    Cinner, the gift of being with you is probably the most excellent gift he'd want. But, whatever, however, I hope the day is full of memory and love. From start to finish.

  4. Hi Cinner, up there in Canada, having a good life!

  5. Hi Cinner-

    I love how your husbands mind works - that 7 years itch gift? perfect!! :-)

    Enjoy every moment

    Love Gail

  6. oh you just described one of my ideas of utter bliss -- pajamas, coffee, a comfie outdoor chair, an unscheduled nap in the sun dappled shade ... sweet goodness!!! I'm DYING, C-Woman, over that backscratcher idea ... oh MAN! It's way too late to use it for Double BB, but now I know what to do for my son(s) if they get married woot!!!!

  7. Fabulous!!! your husband sounds like such a lovely man Cinner. I hope you have a wonderful Anniverary today. Happy 10th Cinner....wonderful simply wonderful


  8. that was a cute gift for the 7th anniversary; very clever husband you have! I hope you guys enjoy your special day together, no matter what is planned


  9. Have a truly wonderful day!
    Enjoy this special day with your husband!


  10. Thanks Margie, I will, Have a great weekend.

    Betty, Still not sure, he works and then is off for 3 days. just excited to spend some time with him.

    Crista, he is a good man, he is like a little boy in many ways, but I love the package. thanks for your kind wishes. I went on your site and got booted off the other day..your site and one other one does that, but so many are having trouble with it lately. not sure what is up. Have a great weekend.

    Toni, Yeah I lmao when he gave it to me. So make sure you let your sons know. Marriage, babies and you a will be awesome. I know you just lost your breath...ok you can wait awhile. Love ya, big hug.

    Thanks Gail, we will. Take care my friend.

    Holly, thanks my friend. I meant to tell you how much I loved your wedding picture on your post. Love is a good thing.

    Anne remind me of that when its -40 and I am freezing my behind off. Have a great weekend.

    Claire. I am excited too, have a great weekend and I will let you know on Monday...maybe it will be burgerking. Take care. lol

    Bernie, what a night I had with blogger, For a while I thought I lost my entire blog. I did lose some of my text. everything went into one column. Thanks for letting me know about the comments. Thanks for your kind words and yes I am having a great day so far. Have a great weekend.

  11. I hope you have the lovely anniversary. Good for you relaxing and enjoying. HOpe you enjoy many more good days.

  12. Thankyou Char, its 1;32 and I am still in my to fix up and try to feel like a princess like I did 10 years ago. Take care until Monday.

  13. honey bunny - you are welcome to the group. it's not about the quality of the camera - it's about a project that makes us excited and happy. :)

    think about and let me know - you can e-mail me - my e-mail address is linked on my blogger profile page.


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