Thursday, August 6, 2009

Maybe in Need of a Reno!

Well above are some pictures of my little kitchen. We bought the house 9 years ago with the intent of doing a reno, but circumstances changed and I have not been working, so I have fixed things as best I can. The house was built in 1912 and I believe it is being held together by hot glue, duct tape and silicon, but then again it is still standing even with all the storms we have had here, so I think we will be just fine. My favorite part is the window seat in the kitchen and the fact that it is quite light in the morning, although you can not tell with my shots from my camera. It is where I like to sit and draw and watch the birds in the am. For the first 2 years my stove only had one burner working and it is amazing how helpful time management is when you are cooking Christmas dinner. It was only for eight so it worked out okay. Now I have a 24 inch stove, big enough for two people, I can get a roaster in, but not a cookie sheet. That is okay I am not a baker by any means. So the color of my cupboards have been painted about six times, then I put up the bamboo looking wallpaper. The reason to go with the plate that my Great Aunt left me...we have to keep it away from that sink which I have to admit is a pain in the
--- because everything breaks in it. Thus the reason for purchasing corelle dishes. Anyway no matter how big or small, old or new, it seems that the heart of the home is in the kitchen. Best of all is that we are warm in the winter, with a roof over our heads and a rug on the floor beneath our feet, and I have 4 working burners. Life is great.


  1. Amen! I have to say, I like the way your door pulls are set on such a jaunty angle. Very cool!

  2. I love how cozy your house is, and how personal you have made it! It is very obvious that you put a lot of love into it, you'll have to give me some crafty ideas for my new house!

  3. I love cozy and tiny. Beautiful

  4. What a neat place Cin.........and that sink is the best!!! I lived in a place with a sink like that and a clawfoot bathtub down near Kemah, Texas on Galveston Bay....many years ago. You could drool across the main was that tiny. I loved it. Originally it was someone's weekend retreat and had a huge yard...maybe two acres. Our house is only around 800 sq ft including the mud room and it was built between 57' and 60'. Anytime we dig we find old things.

  5. Hello sister, where is that picture of Isaiah at your sink when he was 9? That would be perfect you forgot to mention it was his pefect hight, so the rest of us have to kneel to do dishes, well maybe not you. lol kidding!! It is a killer on your back.
    luv u

  6. Penquin, I won't ever forget how excited he was because it was his right height. Remember he did the dishes the whole visit.Too bad you can't get him to do that at your house. lol.

    Spotted Wolf, i like my home dennis, my touch in all the rooms.I used to hav on my bathroom door, all the names of people who had visited, they would make their palm print and then sign their name. all the kids thought that was the coolest..getting to paint and sign the door.
    I used to live in an old loft suite and it had an old clawfoot tub, it was to die for..That is something I miss the most. Our home is 860,, I bet my bathroom is the smallest. lol

    Char, I love cozy too. Everyone always says how cozy and comfortable it is. I always say Come in, Make yourself at home, and we always have fun.

    Nurses Curses, your such a love, I am so excited about your new and first home. I would love to come and see it and we could do girl stuff and decorate... I think you will do just fine without me. We are hoping to get out ther. when do you get into the new home.

    Holly, I did that with a drill and yeah different. I wish I would have went with the long door pulls, but these I picked up at House for Humanity. I saw the pics of your kitchen on your post and would do backflips to have it. And that would be no easy feat. Lol

  7. Hi Cinner... I've never seen a kitchen sink like that before.
    Your kitchen looks lovely and this is an interesting area of your home to share.

    Thanks for being so lovely.
    Best wishes
    Ribbon :)

  8. C-WOMAN!!!! Thank you thank you thank you for kitchen pics ... I AM COMING TO STEAL YOUR SINK, PROBABLY SUNDAY MORNING, HAVE IT READY OK? Also the sunflower painting, the robin's egg blue cabinets, and those gawgeous curtains. Oh, thanks so much ... to see a kitchen that is NOT in shambles ... I like the old fashioned feel of it, and I think you CAN tell how much light must come in. mmmmmmmm. Ok, I'll see you Sunday morning, look for Double BB's white Chevy silverado truck, and me in my bandit gear (cape and tights and curly-toed boots, with bandit gear toolbelt)!

  9. Hi Ribbon, I think the sink is as old as the house...aparently some people love them. I always thought if I renovated I would plant flowers in it...(You Know Your a Redneck have a sink in your backyard and you have filled it with flowers...I love that Jeff Foxworthy...but I guess if it comes out Toni can have it. Thanks for visiting Ribbon! Take care.

    Toni, cape and tight and curly toed boots, with bandit gear toolbelt. Thanks for the headsup, but hey If I ever take it out you can have it. Thats when you would get in the silerado and drive here for a visit...There would be so many things to see, although I will not take you to the West edmonton Mall, everyone that comes wants to go there, but there is lots to see, we have some lovely old stone buildings, a beautiful conservatory,great book stores, Have i reeled you in...I thought the book store might do it.
    Big Hug. You can copy the pics Toni if you need them for your journal. Big Hug

  10. Lovely shots of your home Cinner...unless it's an emergency I wouldn't change a thing!! your kitchen is full of original history!! tiny, warm and inviting.

  11. you HAD BLOODY BETTER NOT be giving out the name of my favorite hidden gem of a bookstore or I will NEVER forgive you....some things have to be sacred man ;o)

  12. GAWD J.S. you never let me have any fun...just you get any time off in sept or early october...need to know soon. are you a little curious. love ya

    crista, no emergency but had 2 last year. had to replace the main water line, all shingles, fascia,,,so i am hoping it holds for another 10 years. I read your blog and saw you were glad to get home. too bad about the fires isnt it. Take care, loved all the photos.

  13. I am a vintage I love your kitchen !

    especially the painted cupboards which I would love to do someday myself in an old home....

  14. Hey lady...there ain't no joking around about book know that!

    I will have every other week-end off in September but I don't get holidays this year. I have two days that I could use up but that's about it. The middle of September is a black out for us but the beginning of October doesn't look too bad. Brian is pretty good about working things out so I can have some time.

    Are you coming out this way?

  15. Thanks Beth, after everyones comments I am keeping it this way, there are so many little nooks and crannies in this place. I love its character. Have a great day.

    J.S. I am calling you, and yes the bookstores will be just for us. lord love a duck.


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