Saturday, August 8, 2009

Giving Thanks

I Am Thankful.....
for today that the sun is shining,
that I have a bit more bounce in my step,
that my family is all together today,
that the birds are singing and chirping,
that there is a slight breeze to help me with the heat,
that my back feels quite a bit better,
that I am loved and respected,
that I value a moment in silence with my husband,
for the laughs I will have today,
for my friends whom I value,
that I started drawing again yesterday and it felt so right,
that I have the strength for healthier choices,
that my dogs look at me with unconditional love,
that in my heart I feel at peace about my Dad,
that I am not complacent to the world around me,
that I can listen to the childrens laughter from across the street,
that I can smile at a passerby, and that they might smile back,
that I can call my Mom and listen to her talk nonstop and help her with her lonliness
that I do not take my health for granted, it is a gift,
that I have a group of people I would love to meet, but cherish already,
that I am a giving, caring, compassionate person,
that Today is the Best Day of My Life!

What I realized by doing this today is that I have everything I need or want and for this I give Thanks! Life is so Good when We Choose To Look At It So. I have had many hardships in my Life, I have learned to let anger and dissapointment go and I have learned to see the positive from most situations. I guess I am living and learning. Have a great and wonderful day!


  1. MANY MANY thanks for this inspiring post!
    I appreciate from the heart!

  2. :) a good reminder of all the things that i have to be thankful for too.

    and i am also thankful for you!

  3. Thaanks Monica, some days I have to remind myself how lucky I am. Today was one of those. Beautiful day outside, Hope you have a great weekend. Take care,

    Thanks Char, you know I am really surprised how close some of us can become on here, I am thankful to have found you too. Hope you have a nice weekend with your pugs. One of my dogs ran away yesterday and then was waiting at the grocery store when we got there. Jack Russells just go and go...I was exhausted. LOL

  4. Cinner, your posts are so inspiring! I love it when you smile at a stranger that they actually smile back! i just wish more people would do it. I always remember my dad saying hello to nearly everybody he passed walking day to day, and i would ask, "who are they?" and he would say "I dont know but it costs no money to be nice"!

  5. A fabulous post - We all need to take a leaf out of your book :)

  6. clairedulalune, Thankyou for saying that, nice to hear...I love that"I don't know but it costs no money to be nice" He sounds wonderful. The older I get the smarter I realize our parents were when we were kids. We used to go to the city, and Dad would always say, 'Sure are lots of strangers here today.", and he would grin and us kids would all think of course there is were in a different town, silly Dad. I shall remember that line of your dads. Take care, have a great day.

    Eternally Distracted...if you got the wrong page, you might give it back,lol, we have to go through hardships to get to a better place
    Take care, have a great rest of the weekend!

  7. I LOVE your list and I LOVE the thankful list as well! SImple Abundance book is where I first read about a gratitude journal.

  8. Wonderful way to put life in perspective Cinner. Lovely....

  9. Dreamwriter, thats what I need a gratitude journal, thanks for the great idea. I love when a light goes on.

    Crista, somedays I forget all my I remind myself and then life is good again.

  10. I like this perspective...

    Have a journal I used to write in daily-- only one comment per day, but it had to be something beautiful I'd seen...

    Thanks for sharing, Lady...

  11. It's a joy to read this post!
    I truly enjoyed it!
    Life has so many wonderful things & to be thankful for!!!
    Being thankful is a blessing!

    Thanks so much for your visit & kind words!


  12. Margie, thanks for visiting and becoming a follower, always excited when someone comes by.Being thankful is a blessing!

    Cygnus, do you still keep a journal, I am going to , I also am coming to see how your garden is doing and of course you. Take care.

  13. thanks for making us realize that today is our best day, too !

    I love who you are and what makes you the inspiring you that you are !

  14. Thanks Beth, you inspire me everyday. I loved your Birthday post with the chalkboard. And your smile. Take care.


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