Sunday, August 23, 2009

Six Things about Me.

The lovely Ribbon from fragments, treasures, memories @ has asked me to play along and tell you six things about myself that you already don't know. So here goes!

1. Years ago I drew a portrait of a man whom is a strikingly resemblance to my husband, whom

I had not met yet. It was very wierd when he saw it. Maybe something brought us together.

2. I sang Ave Maria at one of my friends weddings, I love to sing, I sang with a band one evening and sang The House of the Rising Sun. I used to Karaoke all the time. Love, love to sing.

3. I have 3 tatoos...One on my leg of a rainbow, flowers and a butterfly(quite small). One on my upper arm and onto my shoulder of flowers and a love bird. My ex husband has the exact same one. The third one is of a Geisha lady walking over a bridge (not finished and never will be, OUCH! They were done when I was 20 much to the outrage of my parents! I regret getting them now ....note to self...Do not ever marry a tatooist again. LOL.

4. A r00mate and I saved an elderly ladies life, We found her in the parking lot in the winter, -30 below in her vehicle. She was leaning on her seat and could not get out. We got her in my car, took her to Emergency and spent the night with her until her brother could come and be with her. He was 93. That was her only family. She had had a heart attack. WE did not call an ambulance because we were only 5 minutes away. Anyway she lived in the appartment complex. we had never seen her before. She always called us her little angels after that. She even laughed and said I guess angels can have tatoos as well. She was a love.

5. I am outgoing, can be somewhat of a hermit, should live in the country. I do not like the busy, busy, rush, rush Life.

6. I have been told I am like a Camelian as I can blend into all walks of life quite easily!

I would also like to thank Crista from,/ for awarding me the Kreative Blogger Award. I had already recieved it from Monica from

It is posted on my sidebar. I will nominate others later on in the week.

Also thankyou to Claire from http://clairedulalune/. for honoring me with the Domestic Whitch award. I had previously been honored by Holly from It is posted on my sidebar. I will nominate others later in the week.

Some days I have been having trouble uploading pictures. Is anyone else having the same issues. That is why I did not put the pictures of the awards on this post. So in conclusion if you have not had the pleasure to visit any of these lovely ladies please do so. I would highly recommend any one of their blogs. So thankyou ladies for thinking of me. I was very touched.

In closing I have been up since 3 when a storm blew in again, My dogs hate the thunder so I sit up and pet them and tell them they will be okay. They are both laying at my feet and I am going to try and sneak back to bed. I love to lay in bed and listen to a good storm, and I really should not be on here, but it has seemed to settle down a bit. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! Take care.


  1. I love getting these little bits of my blog friends! And, you know how I feel about you getting awards! Well done. I like these colors on this newest lay-out...I feel like the colors suite you.

    If you're still using Internet Explorer as your search engine, I'd recommend that you upload Firefox which is free. It doesn't have the same issues with Blogger. Let me know if you need help.


  2. I agree with Holly. I use Firefox and don't have any trouble with graphics. If I ever have trouble it is with blogger and it never lasts long.
    It was fun to read the interesting things about you, in particular about the drawing of your hubby.

  3. I always love finding out these little tidbits about people. And you are indeed such an angel.

  4. Oh fun was that! I love getting to know you beter!! The portrait..facinating!!! I to love to sing..I sang that piece as an audition once!! Beautiful! No tatoos..but considering one bitty one!
    Congrats on all the awards hon!! Well deserved!!
    Thanks for popping by my blog!!
    Hugs, Sarah

  5. Congrats on your awards, you truly deserve them.
    Love the new look on your blog, you make it look so is my favorite color.
    WOW drawing a picture of your future husband, now one could write a novel from that alone.
    Have a great day my friend....:-) Hugs

  6. Cinner ~ Now the story of the portrait!! That was very cool...I have never heard of that before. But we are born with of perception, insite and many more. I could go on and on. I love the new look of your blog and I would like to say it's more you!! Keep this one.
    Happy Sunday Cinner
    Me :)

  7. Crista, It is funny but three people so far say it is more me, and you know what their was just not enough color in the other one. I will dig up the portrait and show you guys some day.Thankyou for the award Crista.

    Bernie, I know there is a novel of my life in here somewhere. I love pink too. My car is Dusty Rose, my new bicycle is Hot Pink

    Sarah, thankyou, what tatoo are you going to get, my niece always jokes that I am not going to fit in at any Nursing Home shes ever worked at...Maybe I will liven things up a bit. I love coming by your blog.

    Char it is interesting isn't it. Some things we learn we just could not picture. I love reading about others too.

    TechnoBabe, I will have to download firefox, Do I need to uninstall first. Lord love a duck. Sometimes I think I am computer challenged. Thanks for all your comments. I love your visits and you always have something new to show me!

    Holly, Thankyou. I love the colors too, I like finding out about people too. Thanks for your advise on Firefox. I will probably need your help. I am getting company mon and tuesday, so will attempt it after that. Thanks again for the award Holly, Have a great rest of the day.Take care.

  8. I really like the look of your blog...very beautiful!
    Congrats on the awards and I enjoyed learning more about you...that was wonderful of you to save the elderly woman's life!

    Hope you have had a great day!


  9. Thank you beautiful Cinner for playing along and a big congratulations on your recent awards.

    Lovely to get to know you more too :)

    take care and keep on being you
    all the best wishes
    Ribbon x

  10. It's great to get to know a little more about you.
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. we need to initiate an Interview Round ... start with 5 questions and each person gets to add one ... or something. I love this kind of thing. This is what each of us has that could become books, stories, memoires ... cool!

    Meanwhile, I got my first tattoo when I was 19, then stopped cold til I was 40 and started again. I LOVE MY ART!!! I want more, can't afford it. I'd be in trouble if Double BB were a tattoo artist, true story, probably be The Illustrated Woman!!!

  12. How lovely to learn more about you. This looks like fun!
    Can I tell you a funny story?? The bird on your blog, that sings?? We have one outside that makes this similar sound. The other day, I had all my windows open mopping my floor, I pulled your page up and my son had my volume on my computer all the way up. (music videos) This bird outside, is all of a sudden on my window sill, singing his song as loud as he could. It was love!
    Thank you for sending me such love, friend.


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