Thursday, August 20, 2009

And you think you had a Bad Day!

Good Morning, first I have to tell you about yesterday. I awoke from a deep sleep, took my cpap mask off, was standing so I could hang it up and right in front of me on my lovely sating yellow curtains were two grasshoppers. Not expecting them to be inside and at eye level, I screamed and slumped to the flower and skinned my knees on the carpet. After about a minute I could stand again, now that I knew they were there it was okay, I grabbed each one in a kleenex and tossed them out the back door. You see these kinds of things happen to me alot. So now I had to go and clean up my knees, not much you can do for a rug burn. So that was the start of my day. LOL. It was beautiful out, so off I go outside after breakfast to put little pieces of gray rock in beside my sidewalk blogs...So I have a stool to kneel on, it has metal brackets on it so I can help myself get back up. So no problem I have the tools for the job. I may have been doing this for two minutes, when all of a sudden I felt the sharpest pain under my right arm . I look and there is a wasp hanging from my skin. It was instinct to wipe it away and when I did it hurt like a darn, and I kinda jumped backand hit my head on the other chair. This kinda struck me funny as I was thinking, what is going to happen next, and down I went again, so I lay there for a few minutes, both dogs trying to kiss my face, what with all the excitement and noise going on. They thought this is going to be an exciting day, tails were awagging. Anyway now I have a bump on my head, a sore arm. two excited dogs, and I am thinking,,,better be careful today. I must be overtired because they usually don't start so early in the day, so I knew I would need a rest soon. Anyway I rested for a bit, then back outside to sit peacefully on my deck, I have a chair that is designated as my chair, I sat down and the sharpest pain on my left butt cheek I have ever felt...but this time I knew what it was so I did not fall down. I am a short little round bottom babe, it was hard to find the wasp let enough to make sure the stimger was out. After managing this I then went to find Benydryl in the house as I knew with two I might have an alergic reaction! I found polysporin to put on both bites and I rested...I swear this was a true story...When my husband came home, I told him all about my day and he laughed and laughed and got me laughing. Thank goodness I was sitting down, because then my head just kinda slumps forward. We were both in bed at 9 tonight. I need my rest...because tommorrow I am going on my first outing alone in 5 years. I am being dropped off at a Medical Lab to have a mammogram done. This is my very first one, after that I have to have some blood work done and a chest xray, then I will take a cab home. I have heard so many stories about mammograms how they make your breasts look like pancakes, I am taking my cane because if I am clamped in, if somethng strikes me funny I better have it for support. I don't want to report that I was clamped in, and something was said and now my breasts are two feet longer than normal. At my age I am starting to have enough of that as a problem already! Reminds me of a card, a little old lady goes to put on her bra, has to bend over and roll them up to put them in her bra...It was kinda cute. So wish me well on my outing tommorrow, and I know the importance of havng a mammogram. It really is not a laughing matter, but I am just telling you, this is my life through my eyes. I hope you all have a great day!
P.S...Today was my best day! Positive, positive. Note to self...redefine best day. I must go to sleep so I am ready for my outing...Note to self...I will be fine on my outing tommorrow, afterall what could possible go wrong in a medical building. Note to self....Sleep in in the morning.!


  1. Here's a hug from cyber space {{hug}}
    Send Jiminey Cricket and his little friends packing!
    And laughing about things such as this can be very healing, Cinner!

  2. Good luck, sugar - bring some syrup, and when the tech asks why you have it, tell him/her "Someone told me you make pancakes in here." May as well have a little fun with 'em...

    Also, sorry 'bout your rough day...they happen sometimes, though...the Universe throwing curve balls, seeing if we're on our knocking us off them!

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  3. Hi Cinner-
    My goodness - quite a day! :-) I also enjoy all your 'notes to self'. :-)
    Mammograms are a 'squeeze' - and good for you for going it alone today. Wow, first time in 5 years?
    Come visit over at my place soon.

    Love you

  4. Cinner!

    Holy Crow what a day! Insects galore and more. I laughed at this so your goal was met. Except I am blessed because feeling emotions doesn't make me take a quick siesta immediately afterwards as it does with you my gal.

    Mammogram. They don't bother me at all but I know some women hate the experience. I'll hope that you're in the same category as I.

    Hugs to you & your girls,

  5. man! mother nature had you on the naughty list today. Funny but I'm sorry too - wasp strings hurt like the devil.

    take some advil for the boobie smashing!

  6. C-Woman, C-Woman, C-Woman ... see, honey, you are obviously so sweet that the waspies can't leave you alone -- we need BB King to do a song about it ...
    'I got me a short & lovely
    little round bottom girl
    had to get me a can of raid
    for those wasps 'round our yard
    those bugs come a buzzin
    round my sweet little C
    not lettin no stingers
    make a fool outta me'

    cough. meanwhile, trust me, you do NOT want my opinions of mammograms, especially not in poetry form cuz it'd come out more like a RAP with nothing but the 'f' word. But yes, they are necessary. Hope yours goes well ...

  7. Oh you guys all made me laugh. What a picnic today was. My appointment for bloodwork at 8, mammogram at 8.50 and then a chest xray and I am back home by 94o am. It was a squeeze. I had the nicest lady ever and it did not hurt a bit and I feel better having had it done. It was good for me to be out on my own as I have to get some of my independence back. So I called a cab home...These were my questions to my husband...How much for a pay phone these days? Cab companies names, thats how out of touch I have been with the world. He usually takes me to my appointments, but was worried about me....So voila I am home.!

    Toni, I am the biggest B.B KING fan on the planet, I love your little song, that was awesome.. Take care.

    Char mother nature did have it in for me, my husband and I had a great laugh about it., and no advil necessaary.Have a great day.

    Holly once again I am in the same category as you, no problems,...bbut thanks for thinking of me and my girls. lol. Take care, Big Hug.

    Gail, the day was so silly yesterday, I have been up, out, and back already, but I did it on my own. I am only good for about 3 hours and then need a rest so I was pretty pleased everything got done. I am coming for a visit right away! Take care.

    Anne I laughed so hard I fell down, Laugh and the world laughs with you right. Thanks for the hug. and everything this am was a breeze. Take care

    Kyddryn, that universe does throw us off our toes sometimes...just checking if were still breathing. Just lucky I have a good sense of humour. I hope you have a great day, I think its in my cards today. Take care.

  8. Hello Cinner
    How wonderful it was that you could laugh about the "bad" day you had with your husband!
    Laughter really is the best medicine!!!

    I have never been botherd with having my mammogram... hope it goes well for you!
    And may your outing be a day of joy!
    Make it so & it will be!

    See you next week...probably Monday...I take the weekend off to just be with family!
    Have a wonderful weekend!


  9. Hi Margie, I will see you next week, have a wonderful weekend. Everything was a piece of cake today. It was a much better day! We have to laugh at ourselves when we have a bad day.I don't know why I was worried about having a mammogram. The lady there was so nice and gentle. Take care.

  10. I'm glad you can laugh about your day, if that was me I would have been in a foul mood for a week!

  11. Hi Cinner, glad you had your mammogram and all is well....I have never had a bad experience with mammograms although many of my friends have. Good for you, doing things on your own this morning, you are getting stronger every day. It so nice for you to have a wonderful husband as well as a bit of independence.
    Now your haircut looks similar to mine but it really suits you.....Have a great w/k..:-) Hugs

  12. A Nurses Curses...My mood was fine it was my but and arm that hurt for a bit. Thank goodness it has been along time since I had a really bad day....probably in May. Take care. when do you get in your house.

    Bernie, that pic was a bit ago. That was my favorite style. I cut mine the last time. lord a mercy, and i am not posting a pic of that, a couple more weeks and I will go and get it done. Sometimes I can do stupid things in the middle of the cut my own hair, in the morning I think. omg. Take care my friend.Have a great weekend.

  13. Laughter is good medicine. You are writing your life stories with zest and humor. I am so much older than you that I have had lots of experience with the squeeze machines (mammograms.) It will be interesting to hear your interpretation.

  14. TechnoBabe, I really did not have any problems, it was quick and painless, so all the stories I had heard, I don't know, maybe it depends on whom is doing the test. Take care, have a great weekend, I love coming to see your blog. you always have something interesting for us.

  15. Hello Cinner, so sorry to hear about your unfortunate avents! glad to hear you could laugh about it! Here is to better days!

  16. Hello sweet Cinner..I'm sorry you had such a bad start to your day...but it's a strong person who can laugh about it later. I just wanted to tell you that I have mentioned you in my blog today. Please take the time to come by and check it out.

    Have a wonderful weekend


  17. I left you at little present on my blog. Hope your day goes well for you!

  18. you poor really had quite a day !

    and now a boob smashing's not that bad ! I've been having mammograms for the past 8 years now maybe and I'm only 45, but with a family history my doctor said "let's start early" and it's the anticipation that's worse than the actual squashing....and now the new machines my office has, they are so quick as it's all digital.....but I'm sending you a hug anyhow !!!

  19. Beth, it was really not bad, Up here in Canada they say it is not necessary until your 50, for my own peace of mine I had one done, I sent you an email tonight because i just found your card you sent me with that photo. I was extemely touched. thanks again.

    Claire, two comments from u on the same day. awesome. I will come and check out your blog. I say thankyou. Take care my friend.


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