Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Treasures!

First of all, is anyone having trouble with blogger today. I have been trying to upload pictures for two hours, just wondering if anyone else is having problems with it. So anyway no pictures from me today....But if there were a picture, it would be 2 bronzie metal trunks with palm trees, elephants and almost an aligator look to them. They are my treasure boxes and inside are what I have that is very dear to me...First of all the main items are letters from people that have passed, My grandmother, an elderly lady whom I used to call Aunt Esther, cards from my nieces and newphews where they would send them to me from mothers day! Such cherished items. I also have little stones that have been collected from various countries, not by me, but by friends that have travelled. You know how people say "what can I bring back for you?" My response has always been bring me back a little rock. I used to have them all labelled but now they are all mixed up. Some I can still remember, some not...but they are from places I have never been so I keep them. I have a letter that I found in an old frame, It was from a man to his girlfriend telling her how much he loved her! The name is hardly legible, but I kept it, as I could not throw it out as it was beautiful and I felt I could not get rid of that paper that represented their love. I have little items that I have given to others that were returned to me before they passed on, I keep them in my trunks for safety. My favorite one of these items is a pillow I made for my Grandma.
I also have my wedding dress, little purse and my headpiece that I had made. My most cherished item of all is a rolled up silver piece of foil from a cigarette package. I t was formed into a ring the night my husband Wain proposed. You just got to love a man prepared! I often think how strange it is what one considers a treasure, while the next person would throw it away thinking it was garbage. Some treasures you can not put in a my feeling for my nieces and newphews or the memories of my Dad, or a long lost friend. Those are the treasures of my mind that I can check on whenever I like, I can hold them in my heart and cherish them too, just like the treasures I keep in my trunks! I cherish the gift of today!


  1. In a way, I'm glad you couldn't up load the pictures, as your words painted such a clear picture and I'm happy to have that running through my mind as I was reading.

    Treasures, like beauty, truly are in the eye of the beholder. Treasures, like you.

  2. i love little treasures like this - what I would give for something written by my mother

  3. Oh Char I know, I feel the same about my Dad. I have not gone back home yet, I don't want to go because he is not there, but I have to go see my Mom, I talk to her everyday. It will be so final for me. Cherish all your memories!
    big hug

    Holly Thanks, Your a treasure too you know. Big hug.

  4. Hi Cinner-
    First, I was amazed at something. I say something EXACTLY like you. When friends or family travel and ask me what I would like I always respond, "Bring me a rock"... I swear it's true. I have quite a collection, and I,like you, know where some are from, not all. :-) And I love your trunks and all your cherished treasures. I get all warm when I think of them and you.
    I put the name of the song with a url address that you were asking about on your other blog,

    here it is again - "Steppenwolf" - 'Born To Be Wild'. !!! if the url doesn't work you can go to you tube abd type in the name of the band and the song and you will get right to the song. :-)

    have a wonderful day
    love Gail

  5. What a kind and gentle soul you are, Cinner.

  6. Treasure boxes, nothing like them. It is so much fun to handle something and think of when and what.... Memories are so strong when we look our treasure boxes. Yours sounds full of love and lovely things.

  7. Gail, thanks and you have to be kidding me. Who collects rocks. I guess the two of us.I did listen to the song. thankyou. Take care.

    anne h, none can compare to you.I think that is why you do what you takes a special person.

    Techno Babe, You have them too I can tell. and yes when I get looking the memories do all come flooding back.Take care

  8. wonderful!


    We allow the inertia of the mundane to cloud our judgement, blurring one day into the next

    But today is not yesterday
    It is Unique
    A once in a lifetime oppertunity

    And we will only get so many...

  9. Cinner, how wonderful to imagine all your treasures you hold in your heart and special places. I, too have several boxes and chest of all that is near and dear to me and some are much similar to yours. I have a chest that was my husbands and in it are special notes, card, pictures and many other little things he gave me, the most important thing he gave me was love which I will always carry in my heart. Love this post, luv you.....:-) Hugs

  10. Oh Cinner I love treasure boxes I have a few. I open them up on really cold rainy days and walk back in time....I love those day. Junk to someone else I'm sure but to me ....I hold dear to my heart. Sorry to hear about your blogger problems I have had similar problems myself.
    Hope your having a wonderful evening.

    Me :)

  11. Crista, some of my stuff would be mistaken for junk I am sure, but to me there are no words.It is cooling off here tonight, but very peaceful. all my virginia creepers are turning red so fall is upon us soon. Take care,cant wait to see what pictures next. C

    Bernie, I am glad you have all your treasures and memories from your husband. Sometimes its the littlest thing that makes us smile or bring a tear to the eye, isnt it. Big hug to you. Take care my friend. c

    Citizen of Earth, your words are just beautiful, and yes we only get so many. Thankyou for visiting my blog and for your comment. I am going to check your blog out.Take care.c

  12. I have some letters that were wtitten to me from my mother when I went away to college & I treasure them dearly!
    She is always right there with me in spirit when I read her letters.

    It was so special to learn about all your treasures, treasure them always!

    Such a nice post...I really enjoyed it, Cinner!


  13. Margie, Thankyou, I got good responses to this post. I think it is wonderful that you have letters from your mom. I know I would read them lots. That is beautiful you have them. I hope you had a great day. Big hug, c


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