Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How R U Feeling?

Well it was one of those days where I needed to do a lot of  thinking about where my life is headed. I know the whole world is right out there for the taking, I sat on the bench overlooking part of the city, seeing the water far below. All the leaves were changing, the grass was all dying with our heat being in the low 30s. I was feeling wore out from the heat today, My husband had gone back to work today, and I really enjoyed my alone time. Is that bad? He had a tooth abscess and had it pulled. He came home looking like a chipmunk on the one side of his face. I tried to be very sympathetic to him, He was in bed at 735 tonight. After sitting here for awhile, my friend took me back home and we laughed about life. living in the present, and forgetting what will happen tomorrow.! Later I found out why I was feeling so strange today, I have a stomach flu and am down for the count. I am truly a vision of lovliness, picture me with my reading glasses on, a box of kleenex, some gingerale, my big bathrobe, fuzzy slippers, hair in every direction. I hope I don't have to answer the door! If you did not read Hollys post from Your mother Knows best but wont tell you from yesterday. Just click on her site on my blog list. You will laugh at how funny life can be at times, and how we all have different things that are important to us...It sure is not my eyelashes. I think a fever has kicked in, so good night and if I am not around tomorrow, you know why! Be well my friends, Back Soon!


  1. Everyone is sick these days.
    I myself am just getting over one week on the couch.
    Lots of youtube videos
    Be well, dear Cinner!

  2. Argh, I so hope you feel better tomorrow ... Failing that I want someone to knock on your door so you can blog about having to answer it in your fuzzy slippers!! ;0)

  3. Nothing wrong with your look, glasses, robe and fuzzy slippers. This is how I went to work today.

    I was comfortable and relax, lucky I worked from home today. :)

  4. How are you this morning, Dear One? I'm hoping you're feeling on the mend. And, no, it's not wrong to like your alone time when you've enjoyed your time together.

    Shows that you are happy in your own company. So few people are, you know!

  5. Get lots of rest Cinner and feel better soon.
    Sending lots of good thoughts to you!
    Take good care, my friend.


  6. Hi Cinner,
    be well and take care! Hope you find the time to read my today's post!

  7. Darlin, I am truly sad to hear you've got the crud ... I'm recovering but it's been 3 weeks. SHITE!!!!! So stay huddled in your slippers and fuzzy bathrobe and take it seriously or it just keeps sliding back in! Yea, Holly's post -- I've seen that commercial and had the same reaction. Come ON!!! Now on top of my dress size and absence of cleavage and wrinkles-around-the eyes and menopause, I'm supposed to worry about eyelashes? Not gonna happen. True story.

  8. Char, thanks, I am a bit already. take care.

    Toni, thanks, I felt the same way,,as if I am going to worry about eyelashes, and of course the way Holly told it I rolled on the floor. Take care my friend, be well.

    Monica, thanks I will make a point of coming over and seeing you. Take care.

    Margie, thanks for the good wishes, keep smiling, Take care my beautiful one.

    Holly, better this am, Holly know kidding I could not get him out the door fast enough, was glad when he came home though. but yes love my alone time.

    Liss, eternally distracted and Anne, I could not make out your comments because the comments went right over the post, I think you all wished me well, Anne you were sick for a week? Eternally distracted hopes I have to meet someone at the door! and Liss I could not make out anything. sorry darlin, Take care, know I am thinking about you all. c

  9. AH Liss, now I can read your message, great look for home though is'nt it. Don't work too hard. C

  10. poor you!! these flus/illnesses are nasty things and they seem to sometimes hang on forever! plenty of rest and fluids for sure!!

    I always enjoy time with hubby, but I'm always glad when he goes back to work; I like my alone time; I wonder how retirement will be (ha ha, if we get to retire :)

    take care of yourself and I hope you feel better soon


  11. Hello Cinner! I am so sorry you have got the stomach flu! Yuck! You posts are postivie as ever of course, you are wonderful! Get better real soon!

  12. you poor thing....feel better soon !
    drink lots and lots of tea !!!
    hugs to you !!!

  13. Take gooood care of you. I send you smiles and many well wishes...hoping that you will feel much better SOON.
    P.S. I started looking all around this room that I am sitting in. I heard the squeaks....squeals (??) birds...(?))...wasn't sure. I opened the blinds to see if someone was outside...? and then I figured it out.....It's the birds on your site. You would have had to have been here to appreciate it. I was frantically searching for it/them?....What was the giveaway? Music..! Thank goodness for the music....I would be crawling on the floor looking for them.....whew!
    Smiles from Jackie

  14. So sorry you have the flu. Cuddle into your comfy bathrobe and take it easy. Hugs.

  15. TechnoBabe, I am feeling better already! took it very easy today. take care, hope you are well.

    Jackie, i have had a few others say the same thing, I can just see you searching for them. It's on my playlist and I can't figure out how to delete that song. You made me smile, thanks, hope your day was a great one.

  16. claire, I am feeling better tonight, hopefully the worst is over. Take care my friend.

    Beth, tea is a good thing! That and a book, so hot there was no robe today. Theirs a vision. Loved your butterfly post. Take care Beth.

    Betty I am glad to hear that, I have really enjoyed the last few days. I could never live and work with him. I think I would crack up. lol. I really do love him.Maybe I will have to get a job when he retires. lol. Take care, c

  17. cinner, I posted a comment earlier but don't see it....blogger is being a pain again, my followers are now gone as well....I hope you are feeling better, getting lots of rest and drinking lots of liquids.....:-)


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