Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Live In The Moment!

I just love this picture. Bright colors make me feel so alive. The weather here today was 31 degrees celcius, It was just beautiful, just like a hot summer day, I went out to water the remaining flowers in my beds knowing that soon there could be a layer of snow like a blanket covering them, but for now, some are continuing to last as long as they can until they come again in spring! It really has been a good summer. On Friday I turn 46 years old, This really is a wonderful time of my life! I am so grateful that I know who I am and truly like myself, although every day is a new opportunity to learn something more! I pause and sit back and think, how did this happen! And the only thing I can say is that when my father passed away earlier in this year, I decided that every moment is not one to be wasted, that every  moment and day is another gift, and that no matter what obstacles that I meet, that I can get through them and face them head on! Oh if only I knew at 20 what I know now,,,but I am sure at 92 I will say, if only I knew at 46 what I know now.....Life is great, I am gonna leap over the fence one day! For now I will just go around knowing that both sides are just as green. It is going to be my Very, very Best Day.
P.S When I turn 50 I want to skydive, my niece keeps saying no, if you have a spell you won't be able to pull the Kels if your reading this you have to go with me. Yes you read that right!


  1. Happy BD in advance to our dear Cinner!

    How indeed did all this happen?
    At least we like ourselves.
    It all starts from there.

    I think that's what we are supposed to learn.
    That every day is a gift.

  2. I think it is neat you want to sky dive when you turn 50. I think you can buddy up with someone,if not your niece then an instructor or someone, to help pull the parachute cord.

    life truly is a wonderful gift we have been given :)

    even in the toughest of times, life is good


  3. I'm glad you posted that photo.
    It makes me smile. I'm like you: I like happy and bright colors!!
    Go for the parachute jump. As for me, I'm not leaving a perfectly good airplane!!
    I said that I was going to go hot air ballooning on my 50th....never next birthday, and I will be 60. I'm gonna have cake and ice cream...and think about what I'm going to do at 70. God Bless you, cinner.
    Smiles from Jackie

  4. Jackie, your too funny, my niece says she is not leaving the airplane either. cake and ice cream is great, runner up to skydiving. Have a great day Jackie, take care my new friend.

    Betty, yeah I think I can buddy up with someone, my whole family says things like, oh go for a long bike ride, keep your feet on the ground, play it safe. I might just fool them all and actually do it. Lol Life is great and even in the worst of times, good seems to come out of it. I realize how truly fortunate I am.

    Anne I think your right, everyday is a gift and I am living the best I can, Have you gone sky diving. if not, think about it...LOL

  5. wishing you a fun filled birthday and may all your dreams come true.

    xoxo Ribbon

  6. Happy Birthday :)

    I think you should sky dive .... LIVE LIFE and enjoy.

    When my dad passed away (8 years ago now) I realized that there is no point waiting. If we want something then we should start taking the steps towards our goals today. You never know what tomorrow holds and it may not come, so we need to enjoy today.

    Sounds like your day was perfect.

  7. liss thankyou for your wishes, Sorry to hear about your Dad, It kinda sounds like we felt the same way about living life after their passing. I am finding that the only limitations are the ones I put on myself! Take care, I hope you have a perfect day.

    Hey ribbon, thankyou, I am going for lunch with a friend, and out with my husband for supper. Any day I don't have to cook is a good one. lol Take care. c

  8. I have a good friend who went to New Zealand to go bungie jumping.
    So don't let anyone tell you no..
    oh, and she was 60.

  9. Amazing photograph and amazing attitude ... YOU GO GIRL!!

  10. Sorrow, thankyou...she was 60, oh gotta love that friend. Take care.

    Eternally Distracted, Thanks, I will need to get over my fear of heights, but I seriously want to do it. Someone will have to take pictures. Take care.

  11. May your birthday tomorrow bring you strength in body to enjoy your day and a rested mind to seek adventure and peace of heart to know you are loved.

  12. I hope you do something really special for your your photo Cinner. Have a great day my friend........:-) Hugs

  13. Well your braver than I would theory on life is if God ment for me to fly I would have feathers!!! I love my feet firmly on the ground thank you very much :)

    Happy Birthday tomorrow Cinner I hope you have a good one. Have a piece of cake for me Yum.

    Lov N Stuff

  14. LOL Yes, someone would have to go with me too... to PUSH me out of the plane. This is one of my greatest fears - the fear of falling.

    But....I know you will have a beautiful birthday tomorrow!! xo

  15. Thanks Char, ha ha, who knows I could get up there and be frozen in fear. Someone might have to push me out.

    Crista, you climb up mountains, I thought you would be the one to go with me and take a shot on the way down. Kidding,,,but you just never know. I thought you had wings, you are an angel already. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Take care my friend.

    Thanks Bernie, the photo is one from They have some really cool ones on there, just takes quite a bit of time to find them. Big hug to you bernie, have a great weekend.

  16. TechnoBabe, that sounds just beautiful. Thankyou so much. Take care my friend.

  17. What a wonderful picture ... love it!
    May your birthday tomorrow be a day of pure joy!

    I so agree with you about living in the moment.
    It's the only way to live!
    Blessings to you, my friend!


  18. Thanks Margie. It will be a great day, blessings to you too. Hugs, c

  19. hi sweetheart! happy birthday to you early.... happy birthday to you~
    i love ya, dear friend.

  20. Christina, thankyou so much. I love you too my friend, your a treasure.Take care.


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