Thursday, September 24, 2009

sept 25, My Brightest Day!

What a beautiful sunrise  to start a perfect day. I  sit  on the bench and marvel  in the beauty  that for me is on display!  I wonder did it wait for me to make it My Very Best Day.  Did God know I would enjoy this gift sent from up above, a moment to cherish, my heart filled with love.  As the sun gets higher in the sky , the red is almost gone. The warmth is wrapped around me holding me so tight. I feel so alive and blessed, and I will be back tonight when slowly the day fades into night ,  I will sit and watch in my same place, but look the other way and maybe I will reflect on all the thinghs I was able to do on my 46th Birthday!  Life is all about how we look at things. I see beauty, love and life.


  1. Your BIRTHDAY???!!!! Oh, my goodness, I didn't know. Dear Friend, many, many happy returns of your day. May your days fill you with as much joy as you bring us and share here on your blog.

    Happiest Year Ever, Cin!

  2. happy birthday - I linked to your blog to tell you happy birthday!

  3. What a beautiful way to spend your birthday...and you couldn't have said it any more splendidly. Happy Birthday....

  4. Holly thankyou for the birthday wishes, I am going for lunch with a friend, so we will have fun, and then do something with wain.Take care.

    Thanks Anne, oh very cool, thanks for that.

  5. Jackie thanks for the birthday wishes. Have agreat weekend.

  6. Thank TechnoBabe, I will, just want a lowkey day, maybe go out for supper tonight and having lunch with a friend. Take care and have a great weekend.

  7. I am so sorry to have missed your birthday! I hope you spent it happy and full of laughter!

    Thank you for always being so kind, Cinner! You are such a beautiful, bright shiny soul!!


  8. Thanks Cam, and you did not miss my birthday, it's today. So Thankyou.

  9. Happy birthday to my dearest sister. I hope your day is bright and filled with love and peace. Can't wait to see you. love you.

  10. happy happy happy!!! (it's my sister's birthday too

  11. Happy Birthday! what a wonderful gift you got from God this morning with the sunrise! looks like it was a beautiful one for sure!! I hope you have an enjoyable day filled with many surprises and good times with family and friends :)

    wishing you many more birthdays and many more special days :)


  12. Happy Birthday, Cinner

    Wishes For You!

    Good cheer
    Like a bit O' the morning sun
    Good luck
    To follow your days, each one
    Good friends
    To gladden your heart all through
    Good health
    And the finest of blessings for you!

    Have a most wonderful day, special lady!



  13. Margie, thankyou so much, what a way to start my day with one of your poems. Have a great weekend. Hugs.

    Betty it is a beautiful morning, I am in a great mood. Thankyou for your wonderful wishes and for thinking of me today. Hugs

    Char, thankyou. Wish your sister Happy Birthday for me. Have a fun day.

  14. Penquin I am excited to see you too. Very excited to do wedding stuff with you. and of course to just be. I hope we get a chance to sit on the couch and just hold hands like we used to. love you.

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! What a beautiful post.
    I'm late getting to blogs today and saw you on Carp Tripper so I rushed right over to show you some love. HAVE A BLAST!!!!!

  16. Thanks Joanna, I had a very nice day. Thanks for the loving. xoxo

  17. happy happy birthday!!! what a sunrise to wake up to...

  18. how beautiful! it's your born day, and the sky is writing you poetry.
    happy birthday, love. : )

  19. How fabulous to have a spectacular sunset like that for your birthday. Wonderful...and Happy Birthday to you Cinner.

    XO Crista

  20. I haven't even written about it yet...but my baby turned 18 share the same day and love life equally the same I belive...happy happy birthday to you !!!!

  21. I found you through Beth's blog and believe we share the same birthday! September 25th....

    Hope your entire day/week/year turn out wonderful!


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