Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Shhh, He's sleeping!

I awake in the middle of the night, I sit up on the side of my bed, shake off the cobwebs so to speak and I quietly urge my body off the bed so as not to wake my sleeping husband. I tell myself be careful of the board that creaks, and I hear creeeeeeeeeak. I stop, He rolls over in bed, I can see he is still asleep! Good I don't want to wake him when he works in the morning. So I tiptoe out of the room, maybe 8 steps. My computer room is right next to the bedroom. My computer is calling, cinner, cinner, cinner. I turn, I pull our my chair, I touch one key and I hear this, "Are you on that computer again?", I sigh, "Yes I am , sorry I woke you!"
I sit waiting for him to fall back to a deep sleep and then I begin to type. nothing more is heard, just the clicking of the keys, I always turn my volume down at night on the computer, because one night it was on high and blasted him awake in the middle of the night! And what did he mean again....I really limit my time here. What does he want me doing when I can't sleep...maybe for fun tomorrow I will vacumme, he would appreciate me being on the computer in a hurry, would'nt he.
Do your family members think you spend too much time on the computer? I would love to hear your stories. Have a great day!


  1. my brother thinks I live on it but...I also use it to search for jobs.

  2. My hubby thinks I am on the computer too much during the day. I never go on at night. But I have limited my time lately.

  3. I work at home using my computer so I'm on it for at least 8 hours a day 5 days a week, and then I like my blogging time, etc. so I tell people I'm online 24/7 (but its more like maybe 13 hours a day or so) but I do spend time with hubby, kids are grown, and although son lives here temporarily, he has his own life. I try to balance; if hubby wants to talk or watch movie together, then I obviously am not on the computer. But because I work from home and don't have much of a social life, this can sometimes be my only connection to others


  4. My hubby used to spend hours on the computer every day but this year he has not been as interested in it. And I am on the computer about a half hour in the morning and another hour mid day and a couple hours in evening. I do more than blog on the computer but when I get tired I don't want to be at the computer or do much of anything. I am like you in the middle of the night, if I can't sleep, it is a quiet thing to be on the computer and then when I get sleepy I can shut it off and go to bed.

  5. I have been off work at the minute and it is frightening me how much i am on it!I have a cup of coffee in the morning, I look at all the days news and before i know it, it is lunchtime. I have to go blogging (thats a given) but i am so enthralled by all the posts i am stuck on it all day! Back to work soon and reality. I am enjoying myself though!

  6. I actually do spend too much time on here at times. I'm happy to say that Michael doesn't really say much to me. He likes to watch television which I'm fine with. By now we've come to accept that we have different ways of relaxing.

    I'm actually glad you have the computer and all of us to keep you company in the nights when sleep refuses to be kind to you.

  7. uhem, they know bedda! that's my time, girlfriend! lmao

  8. Hah, Christina, lmao too, thanks you just made
    me laugh. love it, they know bedda! Big Hug.

    Holly, I really would be lost on days when I am not feeling well. Wain has no interest in the computer, but loves his tv. not for me! hope your having a great day, Hug!

    Claire, we can tell your having fun by your usually hilarious posts. Stay in touch when your back to work though girl, or I would miss ya.
    TechnoBabe, see I am like you and like you said at least it is quiet time.

    Betty, I understand, Since I have not been working my social life has been out the door, but that is due to my cataplexy. It really keeps me in touch with people. Good luck with your work.

    Sara, I pretty much the same as you. I don't think they geet it! lol

    Char, exactly your looking for work. Keep up the faith girlfriend.

  9. Hello Cinner
    I have put a time limit on my time on the computer as I could be on there for much too long.
    Now, I am only on early in the morning and late in the evening... and then when I can't sleep I'll get on for a little while.

    Take care, Cinner.


  10. Thanks Margie, thats about the same with me really, Take care my friend.

  11. no, my family didn't, but I surely did ...


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