Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A little History

I have always had the urge to go to Belgium as my Great Grandparents immigrated from there first to Minnesota and then to Canada. My grandfather was the youngest of nineteen children and in his lifetime he had not met all his brothers and sisters. Some of his family had already married and had their own families. When his Mom and Dad moved to Canada, my Grandpa was just a little boy. They became farmers,my great grandfather, my grandpa, my Dad and now my brother. I don't know much of the facts or even the background, but I have been dabbling in finding out more about the family tree, hence the interest in Belgium. I have always been interested in art and tonight I found this beautiful sculpture. It is beautiful, Something about the eyes that I find very intriquing, almost calling to me! There is so much out there in the world to see, I hope someday I will get to travel and experience other parts of the world. Until then I am very happy and thankful for all my blessings, on one of my Best Days I will experience Belgium. In the meantime I did have a great day, dyed my hair this evening and it turned out great. So now I am a redhead! I have one more day until my sister comes and I am so so excited to see her for a few days. When I awake tommorow I am planning to draw most of the day as I have been working on a project for a friend of mine...I can't say what it is in case she is reading this. So my day will be peaceful, calm, inspiring, perfect. I think it will be My Best Day!


  1. cinner, you have to be one of the most beautiful souls I have met. You are always doing something to make yourself, family and your friends feel better about life. I always feel so happy and good about this world after spending a few minutes with you. Welcome to your sister and have your best day ever!
    I am so glad I have a sister blogger friend in Canada.........:-) Hugs

  2. Bernie, you sure do have a sister blogger friend in Canada, I hope you too have a great and glorious day, especially with the wonderful weather. Really better than our summer has been. Big Hug!

  3. WOW, one of nineteen, that is HUGE!! I am sure you will experience Belgium soon and in the meantime, thanks to the wonder of the internet, to a certain extent it is at the click of a button. Fascinating sculpture. Happy day :)

  4. Claire, I know I can not even imagine. My grandfather has been gone 25 years. I often wish I would have asked him about stories, etc. When he passed away there were six syblings he had never met, because of living in different countries and of course it was not as easy to travel back then. He was the youngest so some of the oldest ones were the ones he had not met. Can you imagine sitting down 4 times a day with all those people. I don't think there would be such a thing as alone time. Have a great day. Take care.

  5. Cinner, I completely enjoyed reading some about your family tree. I thought Michael was something being one of eight! Holy crow, 19!

    I love your Best Day notion. I never hear that anymore without thinking immediately of you and sending you a prayer and wish.


  6. So today the red haired lady will be drawing and getting ready for a visit with her sister!! Sounds awesome.

  7. Hello Cinner
    I hope that you will be able to take that trip to Belgium and all those other places you want to travel to.
    I so love visiting other parts of the world.

    Hope you will have a great visit with your sister.
    Are you loving your new hair color?

    A hug to you!


  8. Cinner wonderful history. I have another project for's called a wish board. It's proven statistically that if you cut out pictures from magazines of things and places you want or travel too... Place the board where you can see it everyday, that for whatever reason don't ask me why, maybe power of suggestion it will happen. We have a pin board up in our house..and I have to tell you it works. Buy a travel magazine with pictures of Belgium so you can look at it everyday! You'll be there before you know it.

    Have a wonderful day Cinner

  9. I know you are rocking that red on out! i think it's great to know so much about your family history.

  10. oh my GAWD! your statue is how my head felt this morning ... (I sent you an email) ... what an incredible history you have to delve into, but man, I was trying to imagine having brothers and sisters I'd never met. Weird.

  11. enjoy your time with your sister!

    wow, 19 children in a family! can you imagine how many cousins that would have potentially produced? No wonder your great-grandpa didn't get to meet/know some of them.

    I hope you get to see Belgium some day :)


  12. Hi Betty, it was Grandpa that did not meet six, he was the youngest, a couple passed away when he was little, but they lived in the U.S., AND a couple of the girls married and had moved away, so yeah six of them he never met. To me it is so sad, not knowing some of your syblings. i will have fun with my sister. She is the only person that comes to my house that I don't stress out wondering if my house is clean enough.etc. I don't do anything special, we just be ourselves. I hope you have a great weekend.

    Toni, hope your feeling better, I can't imagine it either.

    Char, I am liking the red for sure! My sisters brother in law was an archivist at one of the Universities here in Canada. I am sure I could find out more from him. Take care, I love the new blog. It was a great idea Char.

    Crista, I have heard that before, but yes I will try it. I did that with our new truck a few years ago, and that came true, I also did that with a picture of racquel Welsh, however that one struck out. lol. Good idea.

    Hi Margie, you know I do like the hair, needs highlights or something, I always say with hair if I don't like it, in 3 weeks I will. The worst I ever did was dye may hair black. Every time I looked in the mirror, I would almost go into shock. LOL. note to self...never again. ever. Have a great weekend.
    Big Hug.

    TechnoBabe, I am so excited to see her. Last time I saw her was at my Dads funeral, so this will be our time. Have a great weekend and thankyou for the awesome advice you give me, I love your visits. Big Hug.

    Holly, 19 is insane, For the love of God I would not wish that on any mother. She must have been exhausted! My life has changed since I started my Best Day attitude. It seems I am at peace with alot in my life, This happened since my Dad has passed on. Life is too short to waste time on any negatives! Out the door they go.

    Hi Anne, big hug, have a great weekend.


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