Thursday, September 3, 2009

Let's Take A Walk!

Having trouble loading picture...imagine a sunset and a person looking out over the water. the sun is going down and this is how I would feel

I could gaze across the water,
from sunup to sunset
I am definately my fathers daughter,
Our love for nature I will never forget.

As I look out as far as the eye can see.
I marvel in the beauty that is surrounding me.
The light upon the water is bouncing back to me.
And for a moment lingers all that I want to be.

This would be a perfect day walking on the shore,
Reflecting on all I have learned, but yet still seeking more.
To breathe the fresh air, and feel the breeze upon my skin.
There is a stronger prescence that is somehow all around.
And because of this, my love of life and a sense of calmness I have found.

Today is my Best Day, so I will stay a little longer
I will sit and basque up this beauty,
As a child of God I somehow sense my duty. to be greatful to God
for what he has given me, I think of my friend Derrick who drowned out at sea,
It is not for me to question, only God knows how very special an angel he would be!

The day is quickly ending, Night will soon be hear.
I must get back to home, with God in my life, there is nothing to fear.
Thankyou for this wonderful day, I will come again.
I ask you just one favor Lord, please keep watch over my friend!

HAVE a wonderful weekend and I will catch up with everyone next week. Try and Have your Best Day!


  1. cinner, have your best weekend ever, and hello to your sister.
    Loved this post, a beautiful heartfelt tribute to your many mysteries that only God knows now and for us to know later on in his time......:-) Hugs

  2. Bernie, all day yesterday I thought it was Friday, do you ever get your days mixed up. It is really silly. Anyway you have the best weekend. How are you in this heat. it was 32 here today...not complaining, but too warm for me...Have fun!

  3. cinner - by the way, the other site of yours won't let me post a comment - I was going to say something good about drinking the water!
    Now I'm going to say "have a great weekend!" And thank you for all of your support and comments on my post. You really are precious!

  4. That is so loving to hear you say you are your father's daughter. I look forward to reading your posts.

  5. have a great weekend....a long weekend, filled with love and relaxation !!!

  6. have a beautiful weekend!!! :) big hugs

  7. Char and Beth, you too have a great weekend.

    Thanks TechnoBabe, I am glad because so do I look forward to a visit over there with you.

    Anne...I don't know whats up with the comments today. I checked my settings, everything ok.
    Last night I could not load any pictures....I have firefox, so I am not sure what the problem is. Have a great weekend, I told everyone that yesterday, I think I have had a moment because I was sure it was Friday. Lord Love A Duck. LOL.

  8. Have a great time with you sissy!

  9. what a beautiful poem! enjoy your weekend :)


  10. I love that poem Cinner...very nice. Ahhh I'm typing this so exhusted I am. I'm now working two jobs....I'm too old for this Cinner. Why is life so expensive??? the basics of food are so. Well you know what I mean and with two growing boys, well I can't deny them food can I? Or warm clothes on their here I go working two jobs...and trying to keep my love of photography alive. Tell me how to find the energy?....I need a solution :)

  11. Crista, I know money, money, is crazy. All you can do is do your best...You have to make sure you have you time, I have no answers, I do know I put everything into my work before and their has to be a balance. As far as energy, I think your photography keeps that bounce in your step so to speak.p.s. Keep your chin up. Big Hug


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