Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hello Again!

Hello Everyone, I feel like I have been gone for a week. I had my sister staying and we have had a beautiful weekend together. We did some shopping, talked about everything and nothing, went to a movie with Sandra Bullock...something about steve? I thought it was quite good, just not as fnnny as I was expecting! It was a feel good movie, Anyway we sure had a lot of fun, lots of laughs and I already miss her because she leaves in the morning. Anyway more of that later in the week.

I was passed the Superior Scribblers Award from J.B at It Would Take More Than A hamburger to make me Happy. You can reach her at

The idea is to pass it on to sites that enjoy their writing, name their blog and a link to their website and then they put a link back to mine.

So my list is as follows
Gail at Know Your IT'S. She is an extremely talented writer, she writes about her live and all the hardship, never complaining, but finds strength at facing and not hiding from anything she is truly an inspiration.

Spotted Wolf Wisdom at This is a site you truly want to check out. He has many very interesting stories, most of them relating to his life. He lives in Gods country and is a very wonderful shaman, his writing usually makes me think and see other possibilities. Thankyou, He took the time to help a stranger with some guidance and it really helped.

Cygnus MacLiyr at He is very interesting, loves to garden, but best of all I find is his poetry. I feel some is just beautiful and it makes me wanting to come back for more.

Margie at She has some very heartfelt poetry, which I find usually upbeat and positive. She has a great way of looking at life, and a smile to absolutely die for. With her positivity and smile I am sure she can light up a room. Her blogs name is When The Heart SpeakS.

So I am only listing recieve your awar you click on the award and save it, then you go into edit your Layout, you are adding a gadget which is a picture and voila there it is on your page...Then you are supposed to pass on to 5 people and have them link back to your site. also leave a comment on the recipients blog.

I hope you all have a fabulous day, Sorry I have been out of touch for a few days, I will be over soon to visit. Be well!


  1. Hello my friend, you have been missed. I am looking forward to hearing all about your weekend with your sister.
    Congratulations on your award, you so truly deserve it and you have chosen wonderful glad you are back....Hugs

  2. you have been missed and I'm glad you're back, but I'm sad your sister has to leave now....

    hugs to you....

    and now maybe I'll have to see that movie as I lOVE sandra bullock !

  3. Hi Cinner -

    "thank you SO much forthe wonderful tribute to me an my blog. I feel so honored and humbled.

    I tried to paste it in to my blog but it wouldn't go. :-( I have never been able to past an award in to my blog - eesh but that doesn't take away from how amazing it is to receive them.

    Love Gail

  4. don't worry about being out of touch - enjoy your sister and your time together! :) sorry she has to leave so soon.

    congrats on the award

  5. Congrats Cinner you deserve this award, you write so well, and your poems are fabulous!! I'm glad you had a wonderful visit from your sister that's great! I look forward to reading all about it during the week.

  6. Thankyou Cin for every kindness and know they aren't necessary because you and your man's friendship is more than enough.....I will decline the gadget for I have enough trouble with stuff I put on my site..LOL....but I do appreciate the are a kind and wonderful lady and it is a pleasure to have a small place in your heart.....I have to thank Holly as well..for she is how I met you.

  7. congrats on the award! so glad you are enjoying your time with your sister :)


  8. Bernie, Thankyou, I am glad to be back, crazy how much I missed doing this when she was here.We had a great time though.

    Betty, Thankyou and for all your support.

    Spotted Wolf, no problem. I am not sure if we can get up there or not, but will let you know. I just wanted you to know that I love your blog. ...silly me you already knew that. Take care.

    Crista, thanks, I really had a nice time with her. I keep thinking of your comment you left the other day about working two jobs. I admire you that you do what you have to. Just wanted you to know that. Don't get too tired. Big Hug.

    Char, my sister snuck out on me this am, I did not even get to hug her goodbye...Makes me laugh because we both cry like little babies. Hope you had a great weekend. Take care.

    Gail. You deserve it, If you want to post it, just click on the picture and save to your pictures. Then go into customize layout. Add a gadget,,,which would be a picture and there it would be. No one deserves it more than you my friend. Big Hug.

    Beth, thankyou, yes go see the movie, it was a cute feelgood movie, very strange girl she was. loved her. You too. Love the theme this week on the photography site. Great idea. It is weird that I can pick your work out right away. That's cause your so special. take care.

  9. Thanks so very much for the lovely award, Cinner.
    It is truly appreciated!
    Congrats on your are much deserving of it!



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