Monday, September 7, 2009

Fall and Runaway Dogs.

Fall is really a beautiful time of the year. The world turns into a new season of beautiful and vibrant colors. More birds are already arriving at the bird feeders, the chickadees are back in full force and my Jack Russell/terrier cross Sparky is running in circles in the yard trying to catch the birds. The other day my sister and I were sitting in the back yard. She had her back to the birds, there had to be about one hundred of them, and poof Sparky went flying by full guns, my sister said, what was that noise...It was the birds as they made flight to safety. So I really am lucky in the sense that I still have wildlife around me. I lived in another area of the city and very seldom did I ever even hear a bird, let alone more than one at a for this I am greatful for the old trees in our neighborhood, and because of this I will try not to complain when I have to clean up about 30 large bags of leaves. There is something to be said to be walking in the leaves and hearing the crunch crunch under your feet, lucky that I am able to hear that sound. Our neighborhood becomes alive, everyone out in their yard and soon will be the sound of leaf blowers, or the sound of my neighbor across the street saying, wait until the end because you will just have to do it again, I like to stay caught up on things and basque out in the sunshine, sit in my chair and rest under my pine tree when I need to. All year round I try to get as much sun as I can because of my sleep disorders, I still lather up with spf sunblock as suggested by my friend Beth. Plus the fresh air in your lungs, I just feel alive! I had a nice quiet day today, my mother in law came over to get some family pictures that I had printed for some relatives they are going to visit. So she stayed and we had a nice visit. All was well until I realized that my dogs had not made a sound for a couple of hours, I went outside about five o'clock and the back gate was open and they were both gone. Sparky came back about an hour later with a bag of McDonalds leftovers and he brought that bag and dropped it to my feet. Oh so proud he was. Needless to say in the garbage it went. We searched the neighborhood and all over the area but my big dog Kula has not returned. I will make some flyers and post them around, call the pound, call the spca. Between you and I, I hope he comes back on his own tonight, he has never been gone this long, and I had brushed him this mornig and I never put his collar back on him...Kula is more than just a dog, he has always been with me when I have had my cataplexy spells, licks my face when I am in a bad one, or just sits beside me when I have them, afterwords I am always so tired that I have to sleep, and there would be my Kula boy laying there making sure that I am okay. Some people with Cataplexy have working dogs and they can alert them to sit before they fall. I hope he is safe! If he shows up or we find him it truly will be my Best Day Ever!


  1. Cinner, I do hope Kula returns to you soon, it's horrible worrying about your loved pet, just the not knowing is hard to handle. I will pray for his safe return......:-) Hugs

  2. Thankyou Bernie, I am so worried about him, but have prayed he comes home safe. Be hug Bernie.

  3. Oh Cinner....that is not good news about your beloved dog Kula. Wish I was closer so I could help you look for him. I really pray that he returns home to you. Have a great day beautiful lady!
    All my love

  4. I had a dentist who had a couple dogs that she took to hospitals and that she had with her in the dentist office that were so calming and gentle, and she made sure her dog Kula was there for my appointments. I hope your Kula comes home soon.

  5. I'm praying too that Kula comes back to you. HUGS to you. xxxx

  6. Kathie, thanks for stopping by,and thanks for his safe return, my husband was sure he would find his way home and scratch on the dorr in the middle of the night. Take care, I will be by for a visit.

    TechnoBabe, oh how nice, they really are calming. I wanted to do that with Kula, there was a training program we were going to take, I thought it might be great for seniors, etc to cheer them up. Kula means golden one in Hawaian, and unfortunately Bullet in polish of which we are neither. I hope he comes home, thanks for your thoughts.

    Sara, thank you for praying he comes home, I thought he would last night. I just hope he is okay. Take care, c

  7. HI CINNER -

    Oh such worry - I hope Kula is returned safely to you soon.

    Pleae keep us informed.

    Prayers of hope

  8. I love Autumn best of all the seasons...the smell, the feel of the air, the quality of the light...

    I miss living in NH when Autumn rolls around.

    I hope your dog comes home soon with a grin on his face and a story to tell!

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  9. oh, I hope Kula is home by now; we get so attached to our dogs and he sounds like a sweetie, especially being with you during your cataplexy spells

    your backyard sounds really nice and "cozy" with the birds visiting and the trees you have. there is nothing so more beautiful than seeing all the trees in vibrants colors with their leaves. Like shoveling snow, I also enjoyed raking leaves, but we don't have to do too much of either now in So. Calif (but did in Montana when we lived there)

    enjoy fall :)


  10. I know how your heart must ache with your dog missing.
    I hope so much he'll be home safe and sound very soon,

    A hug to you, Cinner!


  11. oh, I'm so sorry - hope he comes back soon!!!

  12. Oh dear Cinner I will pray for you!!! I hope he comes home safe and sound.

  13. Hello everyone, thanks for all your comments. We found Kula at the city pound. He was very excited to see us...since he has been home he has slept all day so he must of had alot of fun last night. It cost 73 dollars to get him back, but if they get him back again it will be one hundred dollars because he will be considered a high offender then. I am just glad he is back safe and sound. So that was enough drama for me today. Take care all.

  14. Thank goodness your precious pup came home to you.
    Guess where I am?

  15. Anne you have me so curius. Maybe your visiting outr great city, Maybe out looking for your dog,,,,maybe you reached your better let me know soon. I am gonna see if you left me a hint on your blog...Take care,,,

  16. i used to religiously sweep up the leaves every day, until one day someone pointed out how much they loved the autumn carpet on my lawn. now i see it with new eyes, and the raking's become a lot less fanatical...

  17. wow! what lovely colours :)


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