Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tired Dog Found! , and more!

The Great news is Kula is safe and sound, and right now is sound asleep snoring at my feet. We found him at the city pound and I don't think there was ever a more excited dog when I came around the corner, I just felt this huge sigh of relief. They were just entering him into the system, Needless to say we fixed the back gate, and all shall remain in the yard unless he is going for that word we can't say...walk, Then my senior dog moves with the grace of a gazelle, otherwise his arthritis acts up. I know he must have gone pretty far as he is pretty stiff today. So remember in my post yesterday, I said that would be a great day if I found him...On our way home all of a sudden clunk,clunk, something not right with the front tire. So we make it home, the dog and I are dropped off and off to the garage he goes. They can't get to it until Friday. This is the first day of my husband on holidays. He decides to walk home, which was probably about 10 miles. We had a good chuckle about it and how much he already misses his truck....So tomorrow he will be driving my little pink Hyundai, much to his apparent horror....I just hope it does not cost a lot to fix the truck or he could be driving the pink car all winter...just like everyone else, we are feeling the pinch around here living on a single income...but that is okay because we are still happy, in love and can see the humor in almost anything. So I have decided this, we are out of a truck for a couple days, maybe we can accomplish some things on my to do list. Trust me if that happens, it just possibly could be be My Best Day !Take care. I Hope you Have your very Best Day!


  1. Dear sister, what a great pic of the dogs. I am so happy that khula is back home what a scare for you. Hope you have great days with Wain while he is off. luv u

  2. Yay, Kula has been found safe and is back home to rest up from the adventure.

  3. i'm so happy for you that kula is safely back at home. my heart would stop if that happened to me....

  4. Shadow, it did I was so upset, but there he was having a little holiday. cost me 73.00 to get him out. my husband and I laughed, we thought we could use a night at a hotel instead. The cost does not matter, Kula is home and all is good. Thanks for visiting.

    TechnoBabe, Yes and I am sure there will always be that next adventure!. we are so lucky, he could have easily been hit by a car, sometimes our prayers do get answered.

    Thanks Penquin, you were up early, no sleep for you? Take care, call me later. love you

  5. oh, god, this post made me cry -- HUG KULA 42 TIMES FOR ME, would ya? I didn't get to find my Paw-Dawg when he got out. whew. I'm SO HAPPY! And what's wrong with a pink car, eh? (hee!)

  6. Oh, C-woman -- if you haven't visited Cam's blog yet, GO GO GO! They got a new puppeh and he is too cute for words!

  7. YAY!!!! so glad he made it home. I know you're over the moon about that.

  8. Hurrah! Welcome home, pupper!

    I hope the truck is something simple and inexpensively repaired.

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  9. Thanks Kyddryn, I am over the moon,yeah I am hoping the same thing although we are holidaying at home this year...always so much to get done...Thanks for poppin by.

    Char over the moon for sure, I could not believe all the animals that were at the pound, must all be escape artists. lol.

    Toni, thanks i am sorry about yoour dog, that sucks.I will stop by and have a look, Take care my friend.

  10. so glad Kula is home safe and sound! if he could talk, it would be interesting to hear the adventures he had and what he saw before he ended up at the pound

    hoping the truck repair won't cost an arm and a leg; we laugh, my son has an old Cadillac he drives and we call it the $500 repair vehicle because every time its in the shop that's how much (give or take a few dollars) it costs to fix; hoping yours is WAY under that amount


  11. So glad he was able to come home! Hopefully, it taught him a valuable lesson about the boundaries of exploration...heehee. You bring him right over so he can show the ropes to Bodhi...

    Tell your hubby to wear a big floppy hat and pull it down low if he means to go incognito.

    I think a pink car would rock. But, I can appreciate his dilemma. :)

  12. How wonderful!
    Your dog is back home where he belongs!
    Such a adorable picture of your dogs!


  13. Loved the photos of your pets, ah a safe return, nothing better than that.
    Good Luck with the truck and I pray it won't cost a lot, I think everyone is feeling the pinch now a days but knowing we are all in it together makes it easier to handle. Have your best day ever........:-) Hugs

  14. I go away for a few days and the world explodes! Oh, Cinner, I'm so glad your baby has been safely reunited with you. I understand how awful that feeling is when you're wondering where to look, and, and, and!

    I'm so very happy to know you're all together!!!

  15. So glad Kula, is back home. Safe and at your feet.

  16. Thankyou everybody for your comments, I appreciate everyone of them. I hope you are all well. Back tomorrow. c


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